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Children - Do's and Don'ts - by Paul Faulkenham

Don't miss their first cry, not only does it help them breath, it exercises their lungs.

Don't miss their first word, you won't have that chance again.

Don't miss their first step, again it only happens once.

Don't miss their first birthday, they will only celebrate being 1, once.

Don't miss their first day at school, this is a big day for them.

Don't forget to listen to them when they talk to you, children do have something to say.

Don't argue with your partner in front of your children, why mess up their lives, because you haven't got it together?

Don't miss their 16th birthday, this is an important time for them, they are crossing that bridge in life, from being teens, to young adults.

Don't be too hard on them because they don't fulfill your dreams, they have to live life as they see it, not the way you want them to see it.

Don't miss their first date, this is an important night for them, they are starting to show maturity.

Do miss their first kiss, it's none of your business, try to remember when you were you were their age, and your parents watched your every move.

Don't miss their 18th birthday, they have now become young adults and need your words of encouragement more than ever.

Don't miss their first heart break, it will happen, and your child will need you, not only for support, but also to show your love and understanding.

Do be there for them when they have questions, especially when it comes to having children of their own.

Do be there for their marriage. Don't judge their choices, after all it isn't you who has to walk in their shoes.

Don't forget that they are your children till death and they will always come to you if they have questions.

Don't be an over an bearing-parent, let them grow up and face the world on their own terms, after you are gone, they could be devastated to a point of break down, because you aren't there to make daily decisions for them.

Do love your children, never show them disgust, never scream at them, and for all time, show them that you love them.

We as parents have only one chance to raise our children the right way. Through love, honor and respect. Don't be hard on them if they choose to do something different in life, other than you expected. You lived your life and it is important for you to let your children live theirs. There are some parents who would spit on their children if they found out that their child is now gay. Again, this is their choice in life, and because you and your wife chose to be straight, you shouldn't knock their choices. True, you may not like the choices that they make in life, but over-bearing parent's often-loose touch with their children, just because they couldn't or wouldn't take the time to understand the ways of their children. Be a good parent. Don't chase your kids away, when they are dead, it will be too late to say I am sorry. I should have listened; I should have respected your way of life.

Copyright by Paul Faulkenham, © 2002

Paul Faulkenham
4115 St. Rose Blvd. W
Laval, Quebec, Canada,
H7R 1X1

In some of the past issues of the weekly horoscope, I referred to Paul Faulkenham's web site. Paul is a member of the weekly horoscope list and also a great poet and writer. He's just released his first e-book, a book which you can download from the Internet and read on your computer. Click here for Paul's Site

You can check out Paul's e-book called "Catch Me If You Can" on the following page (please allow some time for the time to load, it's quite big): Click here for Fairgo EBooks

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