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Memories - by Paul Faulkenham

I am stunned by it all,
As I sit in our home,
The walls bare,
For some reason I can't seem to care,
Old memories fading from my mind,
Of happy days left behind,

He is gone now,
Hopefully to a better place,
The smell of his sweet cologne only a trace,

I am moving on to another time in my life,
One that will see me all alone,
No longer in our home,

This is a sad day for me,
As I sit and watch what has to be,
The furniture gone, the walls bare,
I am moving out of here,

Soon my family will come for me,
Taking me away from our home,
The place that he and I shared for so long,

I think of the good times gone-bye,
With tears in my eyes,
I sadly say good-bye,
To what used to be,
My husband, my family and me,
Our home together, a thing of the past,
Taking a moment to say a prayer just for him,
I close the door my heart broken,
Sad that it all had to end.

In loving memory of my husband who died
September 11,2001

© Paul Faulkenham, 2001

Paul Faulkenham
4115 St. Rose Blvd. W
Laval, Quebec, Canada,
H7R 1X1

In some of the past issues of the weekly horoscope, I referred to Paul Faulkenham's web site. Paul is a member of the weekly horoscope list and also a great poet and writer. He's just released his first e-book, a book which you can download from the Internet and read on your computer. Click here for Paul's Site

You can check out Paul's e-book called "Catch Me If You Can" on the following page (please allow some time for the time to load, it's quite big): Click here for Fairgo EBooks

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