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Diary Entry - August 20th, 2002

Answers to survey comments and feedback

You people are making my day with all those create comments and suggestions you put into the member survey. Thank you very much for being part of our great community of Scopers!

Here are now some answers to the most common questions:

Direct link from weekly message does not work to subscribe to daily horoscope

That's really strange. Normally, there shouldn't be any problem at all. However whenever there is a problem with a link in the weekly message, you can go to the online diary where you will find the latest issue of my personal messages which also contain the links. Sometimes, e-mail providers like Hotmail and Yahoo might have problems to redirect you to the correct page. In that case, you can also type the web page address manually in your browser. Daily Horoscopes by E-Mail

I think that instead of making everyone have to re subscribe every week you should send them the normal email of whatever and when that week comes up i think that you should just have a link that allows you to either enter again by clicking yes or no and not make us have to fill out a form every week, it seems almost by doing that, that you make our busy lives difficult by doing that so if you could make it easier to re subscribe then i think that more people will subscribe to your weekly horoscopes.

You don't have to subscribe every week. Once you are on the mailing list, you will only be removed if you unsubscribe or your e-mail address does no longer work, i.e. if I get an error message after trying to send you your horoscope, you will put on the removal list in which case you wouldn't receive any further mails from me.

Joe, Rita Ann isn't as accurate, as the person I believe his name was Steve. I found his forecasts to be right on, but rarely are Rita's even close to what happens in my life, business wise or personal wise.

Many people reported that Rita Ann is very accurate. I hired Rita Ann in late 2000 to write the horoscopes for my sites. However before that, I had already relied on her advice for many years. I think the first time she did a reading for me was in 1997. She's one of my favorite astrologers on the Net. If your horoscope isn't accurate, you might want to check out the horoscope for your moon sign and ascendant to get a better idea of your week ahead. Those horoscopes are available in the CombiScope.

Maybe you can brighten up the emails. I think they are a little drab and I think some colour would be nice.

For a while I was getting brightly coloured horoscope mailing (html? I'm not sure) Anyway they were really good! Lot easier to read

I've done this in the past with the "colorful" HTML version of the emailscopes. However when time is short, I prefer to send out the plain text version which is faster and easier to create than the HTML version. Better a dull version than none at all, right? I promise that I'll try to make the HTML version available again... :-)

wish I could receive more that one to my e-mail. IE: family members as well

This is already possible. However you have to sign up for each zodiac sign you want to receive in your e-mail. The weekly messages are in fact 12 different mailing lists, one for each zodiac sign. If you only sign up for one list, then you will only get that horoscope. Maybe I can change the system in future, but currently, it's not yet possible...

I like your combination scope. I am Pisces sun, Gemini moon and Taurus rising and sometimes things that are missed in my Pisces reading show up in my Taurus rising reading. I would like to see more focus on predictions with the exact time of birth like I get from Astro Advice. They are usually the most accurate!

I know that the AstroAdvice horoscopes are pretty accurate. I've known the people of AstroAdvice since November 1996. In fact, I helped them to launch the web site by check it for mistakes and promoting it through my own services. For me it's not possible to send out a daily personal horoscope based on time and place of birth. That takes a lot of time and server power which is not available right now (at least for that kind of things). If you need that information, then please use the interactive features on the site.

i think you should add more of relationship compatibility!!!!

Really do like it, but wish there could be a little more, especially on the relationships part.

If you'd like to get more advice about your relationship, I suggest that you check out my love test web site... :-)

more planetary transit and other such info maybe not in paragraph form, but more graphlike with passages where needed to elaborate on details

You can get this type of information on the web site through the daily prevision feature...

I'd like a birth chart made, I'd like a yearly profile done, but unfortunately I can't afford it, but I do like you site.

There is a free birth chart system on the web site. It doesn't provide so much in-depth information as the commercial birth charts, but it's a good start already and it also provides some compatibility analysis if you need that.

I don't shop the internet, or buy astrology reports, for example, as there are never any options to pay by money order.

That with the Horoscopes that we can pay by CHEQUE along with CREDIT CARD for those of US that don't have a CREDIT CARD or don't want one

I would like to be able to make purchases on the internet but this has proven difficult as I have no credit card, only a debit card. It would be great if making purchases were made more accessible.

If you have a look at my friend Wayne's astrology reports, you'll notice that he started accepting cheques for his professional charts and reports. You can use cheques, credit cards and debit cards to buy the astrology reports. Following cards are accepted:

  • Amex
  • Bravo
  • Discover
  • EuroCard
  • MasterCard
  • MasterDebit
  • Novus
  • Visa
  • VisaDebit

I'd like more information on learning astrology yourself from a free provider.

Have you had a look at the zodiac profiles on 0800-horoscope? It provides a lot of information already... it's really worth checking out.

could the daily horoscopes be e-mailed the day before instead of instead of the day that they are prepared for due to work i tend to pick up my e-mails in the evening.

I will discuss this with Focalex. The great guys at Focalex run the daily horoscope list. I don't have enough time to send out the scopes every day (after all there are only 24 hours a day + the night... ;-)). I hope they can change their schedule so that everybody get's the scopes a little bit earlier.

Best wishes,


Sun: Leo * Ascendant: Gemini

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Without any further ado here is now your weekly horoscope by Rita Ann:

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