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Will It Be War

- by Paul Faulkenham

Dear Joe, as the world stands by, and waits for President Bush to make up his mind as to what kind of war he will declare, I must admit, it is my feeling that whatever his decision , we the public, will never see the world as we once saw it. The word war is a powerful word, and while the destruction of the World Trade Centers in lower Manhattan, New York, was by no means any kind of joke, with so many lives lost, at what cost will we the public pay, for President Bush to declare his open ended war against the fanatics and cowards of our world, who openly pray on innocent people, for their sick justice?

One thing can be assured, it won't be President Bush or any other leader of the free world who will die. It will be the soldiers, the innocent bystanders, young children, office workers, factory workers and many others, even some of those brave men and women who may have fought in World War 2, who will have the greatest loss of life. I don't say this because I am pessimistic, or because I believe that President Bush should leave well enough alone, I say this because there are more fanatics in this world, than all the free countries, have armies. The mad men and even some women of our world, who create germ warfare, deadly bombs or those who create soldiers, who believe that they will be martyrs if they blow themselves up, and kill as many innocent people as possible. These are the people who we have to be afraid of, and be afraid we must be, because when President Bush declared war against terrorists, he opened a doorway to death and destruction that our world has never seen. The question that I have for you and to your readers should you decide to publish this, is where do we go from here?

As you know, Canada is and always was a free society, and while I personally am not afraid of death, I don't relish the fact that the world as I know it today, will change in ways we baby boomers have never dreamt of. If the Americans are as powerful as the world likes to think they are, why did so many innocent people lose their lives on September 11, 2001? The fact that the most powerful nation in the world, with the most sophisticated spy equipment known to man, couldn't or didn't know what was about to happen last week, weakens my stomach. If they didn't know what was going to happen last week, when so many people lost their lives, how will they know, if some nut case isn't running around with a bottle of germs that could wipe out an entire city, even bigger than New York? The word War is a very powerful word and with the help of God above, whatever happens today, tomorrow and or next week, it won't mean war.

While I would deeply appreciate seeing those responsible for so much loss of life brought to justice. I only wonder what price we the free world will pay. The loss of over 5000 lives is indeed a very sad thing, but if President Bush can openly declare war against the people responsible for this tragic deed, then surely the people who arranged this terrible deed, can and will arrange more deadly deeds. Perhaps we, the free people of the WWW should speak up, write letters to our governments denouncing war, as war never brought anything except suffering to those who fought the wars, and the many innocent people who died as a result of bombs, and now maybe in the case of rockets being fired from warships, and planes. How many people will die as a result of President Bush's declaration of war against the people who declared this terrible act of terror, upon the United States?

Being a writer, who unusually specializes in writing Memorial Poetry, it saddens me, that such nut cases exist in our world. People, who think that their cause is so great that they have to kill innocent people to prove their points. The biggest question on my mind these days is will we ever see an end, to the endless possibilities of war and destruction, or are we nearing the end of the world, not as we know it to be today, but as we know it period? Perhaps this letter might be to strongly worded for your readers, but the fact remains, the world as we know it now, may never again be the same.

The www is a powerful tool, and we the users of the www, can and should have a say about our futures, for I truly believe that if President Bush goes ahead and declares war against so many countries, the world as we know it today, will no longer exist. The loss of life is never a pleasant thing, especially when so many innocent people die, because of a country's foreign policies. This being said, it doesn't mean that we the people of the www can't have our say in every way possible for the war that has been declared by the United States, will effect the entire world, one way or another, and from what has been said on television of late, one can be assured, the effects won't be pleasant, as war never is.

I suppose that there is no easy answer to the questions that I have asked above. I do know and feel, that those who were responsible for the tragic deaths of so many innocent people, on September 11,2001 must be brought to justice, but must that justice be an act of war?


Paul Faulkenham

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Paul Faulkenham
4115 St. Rose Blvd. W
Laval, Quebec, Canada,
H7R 1X1

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