Weekly Horoscope for Leo

Leo Horoscopes

September 19 - September 25, 2022


Private Life *

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Weekly Horoscope

Day by Day Highlights

Monday the 19th appears to be a progressive and accomplished day with excellent results by day's end for the majority of you, especially with elders and the extreme youth in your environment.

Tuesday the 20th, don't take chances in any form during the early morning hours and the balance of your day should be excellent. It is noteworthy that the later afternoon hours may contain a little disgruntled energy, especially in exchanges with Aries, Virgo, Gemini and some other Leos.

Wednesday the 21st, the morning contains demands, broken promises and distractions that will become challenges in the afternoon hours before you close your daytime hours down. Your late afternoon and evening however is a totally different energy and a turnaround, like you wouldn't believe! What a wonderful evening.

Thursday the 22nd, excellent news in finance, employment for the unemployed, interviews and second callback, along with fulfilled requests from higher-ups and power people, appear likely for a hefty cross-section of you.

Friday the 23rd, there is more of the same. Your ESP is in fine shape and Pisces, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Taurus and other Leos want to bend over backwards to do all they can for you.

Saturday the 24th, you can accomplish if you apply patience throughout the day and this includes both your professional and your private life, so that you may do as you wish with either.

Sunday the 25th appears to be a relaxing and enjoyable day with cheerful attitudes, beautiful purchases for those of you want to shop, and relaxing vibes throughout the majority of the day. However, you should be aware that as the sun sets your judgment becomes poor and you become financially gullible to those who want to put the tap on you.

Love Horoscope

Romance does not do well from Monday to Wednesday as highly charged emotional issues can escalate out of control too easily or too quickly. It can provide a challenge for the less aggressive Leos among you. Field "incoming" rather than run from it. Some kind of sad news, especially about another you love, is possible near Wednesday to Friday -- be supportive and understanding. You may also have to be willing to suffer a disappointment, but think how they must feel. Read the weekly partner horoscope...

Friendship Forecast

Friendship is where that disappointment may hit to someone you really love, but who may not be a love partner. Support your pal 110% and give all you might expect, or hope would be given to you, if you were in their shoes. Pisces, Libra, Aries, other Leos, Taurus and Scorpio head the list of likely pals who may have their back to the wall this week.

Career Highlights

Take each day one at a time and do not make the mistake of assuming that the previous day's events in any way are understood or remembered. Keep a fair and balanced record of events. The cause and effect ripples from Tuesday may hit again on Friday, as the two days and their events may be linked for you in some way. Use the events of one to solve problems with/of the other. Learn as you go this week.


Demanding until Thursday and then changing a bit for the better.

Overview for Leo

State of Mind:

Emotional and easily distracted by the needs of others around you.

Karma Numbers:

5, 16, 19, 25, 50

Buzz Words:

Unconditional love

Compatible Sign(s):

Capricorn, Scorpio

General Weekly Overview

This week's horoscope forecast is highlighted by being in the right place at the right time when a possibility for romance peaks around the corner. A chance for a new relationship could emerge from a very unlikely source. Be aware of your surroundings, and be open to what comes. Trust your instincts in matters of the heart. This is one time when you might have to question whether appearances are that important. Your attention to detail could unearth errors in a crucial project. You may be tempted to lay the blame where it rightly belongs, on others. For the sake of the team effort, however, hold your comments for now and concentrate on correcting the errors. Your cooperative attitude will be noticed, as will your analytical skills. Read more...

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