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February 22 - February 28, 2021


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Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope


Monday the 22nd is a cheerful and supportive day in which you can accomplish a great deal, as others may invite you into their home, want to conduct business or exchange niceties and in this atmosphere that is rare. Several phone calls in and out may replace the invitations, and other forms of communications and queries may explain this activity also. Being treated, just like family, is also indicated for today.

Tuesday the 23rd it appears that you have several philosophical exchanges and many questions to answer for some reason. If your chosen career field is full of questions, it may explain what I am seeing here today, but if not, apparently you must field several of them today. Many of you may have to travel or deal with issues from afar or get good information from a distance. Answering several queries once again today is also likely.

Wednesday the 24th indications are that a great deal of work, effort or tasks from higher up is brought to you and you may be asked to transform them into a different stage or phase of existence. This may be highly profitable or give your reputation a huge boost. It is seen as a good thing in your stars.

Thursday the 25th is a typical day with indications of just routine for whatever a Thursday is for you. But your stars warn to watch the details of your day. When it is over you should seek enjoyment and entertainment so you can relax and unwind your nerves.

Friday the 26th your focus needs to be on everything professional and all of the minor details that go along with whatever duties you must perform. The smallest thing must not escape you. Others will be likely be inattentive and unprofessional and you must do not only your work, but possibly theirs as well, since distractions are everywhere.

Saturday the full Moon has you asking several philosophical questions of yourself and others and your mind is constantly focused on other meanings in the actions, thoughts and implications of what other people do. Seeing this deep can be exhausting in itself.

Sunday the 28th can be a highly enjoyable day with cheerful energies that allow you to relax and enjoy what is likely to be a thrilling Sunday even if you are just alone.


Romance is very much a two way street this week and if it is not in your life, you had better make sure to structure it so that is feels, looks and acts that way, especially if you hear any grumbling between Wednesday and Friday, any kicking from a partner is a sure sign that by early March, you'll be scrambling to fix a degree of separation. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


You love to spend time with pals doing fun things that make you feel free, footloose and adventuresome but if you have not cleared it with family, spouse or responsibilities first, you may just see it backfire near Sunday or Monday. Sentiment energy has moved off now and more current, spontaneous, "let's do it" kind of energy has taken its place.


If there is anything you like, it is goals, needs or big plans fitting like dominoes all falling into place to form a bigger picture that impresses and adds strongly to your reputation. You also like to make sure there are not flaws, that might come back and haunt you later down the line, especially you November Archers. Do your due diligence from Monday to Thursday, pick brains or get any co-venture help you need on Thursday/Friday and then get ready to fly it to success the next week.


Challenging and then suddenly cooperative after Wednesday.

Overview for Sagittarius

State of Mind:

Too focused on the future from Monday to Wednesday, then readjusting, much more idealistic after Thursday.

Karma Numbers:

2, 5, 9, 11, 60, including 1960

Buzz Words:

A token is better than total silence.

Compatible Sign(s):


Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning

Your Astrologer This week's scenario is highlighted by an emotional and spiritual awakening. You will have trouble controlling your emotions if you let other's criticism get to you. You may find yourself in a difficult situation at work. Opportunities are obvious. You will be able to make professional changes, if you don't allow others to stand in your way. Rely on yourself. Try not to take sides and you may be in a better position. Get your work completed early in the week and you will find that praise will follow. You can make professional moves that could lead to higher income and more responsibilities. Concentrate on your financial position, be sure to make special romantic plans for two on the week-end. Read more...

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