14 Day Prevision

The previsions summarize the positive and negative points for the 14 day period you selected. You can also get more information for each date by selecting it.

  Previsions for 14 days  

Transits of the Major Planets

The transits of the major planets, in other words those furthest from the Sun, have the greatest influence and determine the most important events in life. The more distant a planet and the longer it takes on its path around the Sun, the more lasting are its effects.

The minor transits, whose movement is rapid, only produce fleeting states of mind, actions of no particular importance in everyday life.

The information given in the previsions is not valid in isolation. One must also take into account the Signs of the Zodiac and the Houses where these aspects are found. The position of the planets and their aspects in the natal chart must also be taken into account.

The gift of foretelling by the stars requires a lot of work, but also a lot of tact and human feeling. Never make fatal predictions, as everyone can get things wrong - even you.

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