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Gone Forever
by Paul Faulkenham

You left,
Our hearts broken and tattered,
It wasn't your fault,
We prayed it wouldn't end,

You are gone now,
Our love for you will never stop,
You were sick,
We couldn't have known,
Life has its way of telling us these things,
But death took you anyway,

Often, we will find ourselves on our knees,
Taking the time to pray,
That God was right,
In saving you from a horrible fight,

You would have fought hard,
Never giving up,
Living and laughing,
Till the end,

We know in our hearts,
We will always love you,
Till we meet again,
Where ever that may be,
May you hear our prayers,
Throughout the years,
France we will miss you so,

Our days long,
Now that you are gone,
We want you to know without a doubt,
That we will hold your memories deep in our hearts,
And always will,
From today till it's our time,
To see you once again,
Hold your hands in mine.

In memory of a beautiful wife and loving mother,
Paul and Jasmine

Copyright by Paul Faulkenham, June 1, 2002

Paul Faulkenham
4115 St. Rose Blvd. W
Laval, Quebec, Canada,
H7R 1X1

In some of the past issues of the weekly horoscope, I referred to Paul Faulkenham's web site. Paul is a member of the weekly horoscope list and also a great poet and writer. He's just released his first e-book, a book which you can download from the Internet and read on your computer. Click here for Paul's Site

You can check out Paul's e-book called "Catch Me If You Can" on the following page (please allow some time for the time to load, it's quite big): Click here for Fairgo EBooks

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