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Birthdays for 19th of September

Twiggy1949London England
Model, b. Leslie Hornby, top model in 1967, by 1976 country singer, Broadway debut in 1983, TV sitcom "Princesses" 1991 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo - Ascendant: Cancer
Jeremy Irons1948Ventnor England
Actoe, excels ina ll roles from "Godspell" 1971, to "Reversal of Fortune" 1990, "Die Hard With a Vengance" 1995 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo - Ascendant: Cancer
Jessye Norman1945Augusta Georgia
Opera singer, big woman, loves shoes, the color red and has a passion for gardening 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo - Ascendant: Cancer
Joe Morgan1943Bonham Texas
Baseball player, one of the greatest 2nd basemen, Cincinnati Reds 1972-79,  
Zodiac Sign: Virgo - Ascendant: Taurus
Brian Epstein1934Liverpool England
Discovered and managed the Beatles, found dead in his bed August 17, 1967 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo - Ascendant: Virgo
Rogers Morton1914Louisville Kentucky
U.S. Secretary of the Interior 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo - Ascendant: Sagittarius
Frances Farmer1913Seattle Washington
Actress, in 1958 returned to movies after being away 16 years due to mental illness 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo - Ascendant: Virgo
Sadie Delany1889Lynch Station Virginia
Educator, first black female teacher in NY, sister Bessie, neither were married, lived together well past the age of 100 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo - Ascendant: Aries
Marshall P. Wilder1859New York New York
Writer, a dwarf humorist, friend of the Prince of Wales, author of "People I Have Smiled With" 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo - Ascendant: Scorpio

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Famous Birthdays for Saturday, 19th of September, 2020:

Twiggy (1949), Jeremy Irons (1948), Jessye Norman (1945), Joe Morgan (1943), Brian Epstein (1934),...

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