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Birthdays for 5th of July

Presley T. Tucker1989Nashville Tennessee
Daughter of country singer Tanya Tucker and actor Ben Reed, b. Presley Tanita Tucker 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer - Ascendant: Libra
Julie Nixon-Eisenhower1948Washington District of Columbia
Daughter of Richard Nixon 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer - Ascendant: Gemini
Brooke Hayward1937Los Angeles California
Writer, daughter of Leland Hayward & Margaret Sullavan, married Dennis Hopper 1961-69, 1960 mom & sis committed suicide 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer - Ascendant: Cancer
Katherine Helmond1934Galveston Texas
Actress, TV series "Soap" 1977-81, "Who's the Boss" 1984-1990, popular in American and British films 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer - Ascendant: Cancer
Warren Oates1928Depoy Kentucky
Actor, after slow start became great character actor, films include "Dillinger", "In the Heat of the Night", "Stripes" 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer - Ascendant: Cancer
John T Dunlop1914Placerville California
1979 Secretary of Labor appointed by Gerald Ford, involved in collective bargaining 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer - Ascendant: Leo
Henry Cabot Lodge1902Nahant Massachusetts
Ambassador to United Nations 1953-60, ambassador to South Vietnam 1963-67, to W. Germany 1968-69 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer - Ascendant: Cancer
Jean Cocteau1889Maisons Laffitte France
Artist, poet, novelist, critic, playwright, painter, wrote autobiography "Professional Secrets", died Oct. 13, 1963 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer - Ascendant: Taurus

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Famous Birthdays for Sunday, 5th of July, 2020:

Presley T. Tucker (1989), Julie Nixon-Eisenhower (1948), Brooke Hayward (1937), Katherine Helmond (1934), Warren Oates (1928),...

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