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Birthdays for 22nd of February

Drew Barrymore1975Culver City California
Actress, daughter of John Drew Barrymore & Ildiko Jaid, star since age 10, films include "E.T.", "Firestarter", "Scream" 
Zodiac Sign: Pisces - Ascendant: Gemini
Christine Keeler1942London England
Affair with British Parliament Member, John Profumo 
Zodiac Sign: Pisces - Ascendant: Gemini
Edward Kennedy1932Dorchester Massachusetts
(D) U.S. Senator, MA, prospect of candidacy for President dimmed after Chappaquiddick incident 1969 
Zodiac Sign: Pisces - Ascendant: Capricorn
Giulietta Masina1921San Giorgio di Piano Italy
Actress, films include "Paisa", "Senza Pieta", "Juliet of the Spirits", married to Federico Fellini for 50 yrs 
Zodiac Sign: Pisces - Ascendant: Aries
Peter Hurd1904Roswell New Mexico
Painter of American Southwest, married eldest daughter of noted artist, Henrietta Wyeth, in 1929 
Zodiac Sign: Pisces - Ascendant: Sagittarius
Sir Robert Baden-Powell1857Oxford England
British soldier, founder of the Boy Scouts in 1908 and Girl Guides in 1909, wrote many books on scouting 
Zodiac Sign: Pisces - Ascendant: Aquarius
Frederic Chopin1810Zelazowa Wola Poland
Composer, hailed as the second Mozart at age 8, lifetime of poor health, notorious affair with George Sand for 9 years 
Zodiac Sign: Pisces - Ascendant: Virgo
George Washington1732Baynesville Virginia
First U.S. President 1789-97, inherited Mt. Vernon 1752, bred hunting dogs, horses 
Zodiac Sign: Pisces - Ascendant: Taurus

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Famous Birthdays for Thursday, 22nd of February, 2018:

Drew Barrymore (1975), Christine Keeler (1942), Edward Kennedy (1932), Giulietta Masina (1921), Peter Hurd (1904),...

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