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Birthdays for 25th of August

Claudia Schiffer1970Rheinberg Germany
Model, actress, linked to illusionist David Copperfield 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo - Ascendant: Sagittarius
Tim Burton1958Burbank California
Director, intrigued with cartoons since childhood, "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure", "Beetlejuice", "Edward Scissorhands" 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo - Ascendant: Virgo
Elvis Costello1955London England
Singer, songwriter, b. Declan Patrick McManus, son of jazz bandleader, hit songs include "Allison" 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo - Ascendant: Virgo
Gene Klein1949Haifa > Hefa Israel
Best known by his name Gene Simmons, member of the rock group "Kiss", known for outlandish makeup and costumes 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo - Ascendant: Aries
Rue McClananhan1939Ardmore Oklahoma
Actress, TV series "The Golden Girls", "All in the Family", "Maude", has line of clothing called 'Very Rue' 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo - Ascendant: Leo
Sean Connery1930Edinburgh Scotland
Actor, famous for his role as James Bond, 50+ films including "Dr. No", "The Untouchables", "The Medicine Man" 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo - Ascendant: Capricorn
Althea Gibson1927Silver South Carolina
Tennis player, first black person to win major tennis title, later became golfer 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo - Ascendant: Libra
Donald O'Connor1925Chicago Illinois
Actor, song and dance man, over 50 film credits since age 13, "Francis" and sequels, "Sing You Sinners", "Box Trouble" 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo - Ascendant: Virgo
George Wallace1919Clio Alabama
Alabama governor, tried to stop black students from enrolling in University of Alabama, shot and paralyzed 1972 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo - Ascendant: Cancer
Leonard Bernstein1918Lawrence Massachusetts
Famous conductor, pianist, composer, television personality, author, impressive career, died October 14, 1990 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo - Ascendant: Gemini
Ruby Keller1904Halifax Canada
Actress, dancer, b. Ethel Hilda Keeler, chorus girl at 13, many song and dance films, 1st marriage Al Jolson 1928-40 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo - Ascendant: Leo

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Famous Birthdays for Sunday, 25th of August, 2019:

Claudia Schiffer (1970), Tim Burton (1958), Elvis Costello (1955), Gene Klein (1949), Rue McClananhan (1939),...

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