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Birthdays for 16th of July

Corey Feldman1971Reseda California
Actor, commericials since age 3, some drug problems, films inc. "Stand By Me ", "The Goonies", "The Lost Boys", "The Burbs" 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer - Ascendant: Cancer
Ruben Blades1948Panam‡ Panama
Actor, singer, bandleader, former lawyer for Panama National Bank, films include "Crossover Dreams" 1985 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer - Ascendant: Cancer
Ginger Rogers1911Independence Missouri
Dancer, actress, with Fred Astaire in musicals "The Gay Divorcee", "Top Hat", returned to Broadway "Hello Dolly" 1965 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer - Ascendant: Gemini
Carveth Wells1911Cheltenham England
Writer, poet, adventurer, hitch-hiked around the world at 19, paralyzed at 24, lived eleven more years in a wheelchair 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer - Ascendant: Pisces
Barbara Stanwyck1907Brooklyn New York
Actress, b. Ruby Stevens, films include "Stella Dallas", "Ball of Fire", "Double Indemnity", TV's "Big Valley" 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer - Ascendant: Virgo
Mary Baker Eddy1821Bow New Hampshire
Founder Christian Science Church, delicate health in youth, 1866 serious injury in fall, read Bible and healed herself 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer - Ascendant: Sagittarius
Jean Baptiste Corot1796Paris France
Landscape and figure painter, won 1st class medal at Exposition Universelle of 1855 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer - Ascendant: Gemini

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Famous Birthdays for Monday, 16th of July, 2018:

Corey Feldman (1971), Ruben Blades (1948), Ginger Rogers (1911), Carveth Wells (1911), Barbara Stanwyck (1907),...

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