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January 25 - January 31, 2021


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Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope


Monday the 25th is a perfect day to decide on a great many things and many of you will need to with Mercury retrograde upcoming on Saturday the 30th. It's time to organize, clear your plate and get your ducks in a row. Today is wonderful for scheduling, making calls and putting things in place for the next several weeks.

Tuesday the 26th continue to focus on structuring your near future and getting everyone and everything that you need to be cooperative and agreeable securely in place. Indications are that signs like Aquarius, Sagittarius, Aries, Scorpio and Cancer are highly supportive and likely to not only help but be agreeable if they are the ones you are asking.

Wednesday the 27th keep your thinking imbalance with your emotions throughout the day and especially in the afternoon hours -- no matter how they are tested. You will need this one particular trait if you are to survive the distractions and some of the overwhelming extra emotional pounding indicated by the day. You can hold up under almost anything today if you remember that one thing. The vibrations building towards the full Moon tomorrow make today rather challenging.

Thursday the 28th is a very busy and demanding day under the full Moon. It may be more so for other signs than yourself but the energy still exists around you, making yesterday almost more demanding than today. The key thing today is to make a game plan for the day and then stick with it as you move throughout the days demands. Others can be cooperative if they are not involved in their own little drama. Make sure you leave no task unfinished, as tomorrow will be just routine and you don't need to muddy the waters of what can be a wonderful smooth day tomorrow.

Friday the 29th appears to be a highly accomplished day that is just routine and details and if you see to them one by one, each in their own way, you will have a highly successful and profitable day, as long as you took care of business and kept yesterday clean and snappy.

Saturday the 30th can be a quality "ME TIME/FREE TIME" day, even with Mercury going retrograde, as there are no early indications that you should be touched by the retrograde just yet. It's coming however, so don't think you will escape it.

Sunday the 31st appears to be an excellent day for family gatherings and highly enjoyable exchanges, however, it's not a day to make big important decisions or purchases as it would be best to postpone these types of things and sleep on them for at least three to five days. You will be happy to know that the evening holds pleasure, popularity and great success in romance.


It is very easy to find poor response and even worse cooperation this week and it may not be until Wednesday into Thursday that you can ping to discover what you need. Get your requests in before the retrograde hits on Saturday and schedule things if you can. Avoid any money discussions with a love interest; old or new status after Thursday and the full Moon is over. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Most of you are into sentiment this week; valuing, praising, rewarding and appreciating all those reliable pals in your life. If one of them slips up (and it is likely to be Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer, Aquarius or even Pisces...) be as understanding and forgiving as the situation allows.


Most of you are doing fine trying to get it all in before the retrograde technically starts on Saturday and most of you will find it to be a lot of work dumped on you, which may also mean profit and promotion opportunities -- but not without a huge load of work.


Given the current climate; excellent

Overview for Virgo

State of Mind:

Playing "beat the clock" with Friday.

Karma Numbers:

4's in all things, especially if paired with 0, 2, and 11; 411, 141, 114, etc. 16, 32, 44, 60

Buzz Words:

Don't stress over small potatoes.

Compatible Sign(s):

Taurus! Period! The odd Capricorn.

Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning

Your Astrologer This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to rally others to successful heights. If you are honest in your deeds, strong backing will come from higher ups. When you believe in yourself, you are highly believable to others, as well. Your professional air will influence others to your way of thinking. Communicate your thoughts and listen for new ways to achieve those goals. Kindred spirits will bond in a flurry of ideas and proposals. You have your special moments, even when others don't understand, they still follow your lead. A family member may expect your undivided attention. Don't allow this distraction to keep you from getting ahead. It wouldn't hurt to accept their apology, but you must focus on the tasks at hand. Once you start to focus on your priorities, you'll be able to imagine many different possibilities. A surprise visitor may try to explain a recent misunderstanding. Heed their words, but separate the lies from the truth. Read more...

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