Weekly Horoscope for Virgo

Virgo Horoscopes

May 23 - May 29, 2022


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Weekly Horoscope

Day by Day Highlights

Monday the 23rd, it appears you put a great deal into the day trying to organize and accomplish to get as much behind you as you can. The afternoon appears to be filled with wonderful accomplishments that have a more personal nature and many of you may be cutting off of work and going out to run errands for yourself.

Tuesday the 24th, you appear eager to be the life of the party and the center of attention and many of you may receive the crown of focus from those around you.

Wednesday the 25th, you appear eager to please and are able to translate that out to others nicely. You do a wonderful job of making them happy. An enjoyable day appears to be at hand for the vast majority of you.

Thursday the 26th, new projects and new directions in life are starting. There are wonderful new opportunities to diversify your life in a variety of ways.

Friday the 27th, get out of a rut and do things differently and take a chance, don't be such a conservative all the time.

Saturday the 28th, you are likely to feel a bit off-center but you turn yourself back to normal by midday and have a fantastic relaxing time. Your evening sparkles with a wonderful social life.

Sunday the 29th, you are likely to be honored with a wonderful relaxing day and the high rank of sentiment and old-fashioned affection.

On May 10, Mercury will go retrograde until June 2. This will cause all sort of communication problems including technology mishaps, travel delays, misunderstandings with family and friends and defective purchases. This affects all signs and you should stay vigilant in all your communications until Mercury goes direct again. Track these influences and see how they play out during the year ahead.

Love Horoscope

If you are paired, you will likely find your partner could fall victim to some crazy, impulsive needs/wants that will not be quelled unless they get what they want so badly. In such cases, try to reach a reasonable compromise and if you cannot, you may open the door to a problem between you two that could live on for longer than you'd like; as in until early June or even as far out as into July -- and the end of the month, at that! As for singles, this is not a very promising week for finding quality companionship, (which is the only type you like!) but if you hook-up right on times listed, you may find a promising run arise from it and those would be exactly, early Tuesday afternoon, especially with Aquarius, Leo, Aries, Pisces or Capricorn; the AM Thursday but only later AM and that would be Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer and Gemini; and finally, the entire afternoon and evening on Friday with only Taurus and Libra left out as the entire zodiac is open for you on that one! Read the weekly partner horoscope...

Friendship Forecast

The same as for love can be said for friendship and friends, there appear to be limited good times this week that may easily match times listed in the Love Section for success. Outside of that, there actually may be some challenging pockets where pals need handholding, backs covered, favors big time or a pair of ears to dump on and those would be near Monday AM, all-day Wednesday, the AM of Saturday and all-day after noon time on Sunday.

Career Highlights

There's no doubt about it this week: you have some vulnerable days. The worst of which is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning. All of them may set off a sort of domino effect that sullies your whole career/job outlook. Use respectful tones when addressing superiors, power figures, money people, Scorpio, Leo, Sagittarius, other Virgos or any personality displaying a weak psychological mindset. Remember, even subordinates can cause you grief if they are ticked off enough! Suspicion may run rampant this week, especially among Gemini, Scorpio, Cancer or other Virgos co-workers. Make sure any expressions of temper are processed carefully before they leave your lips.


Choppy and uncooperative at times and overall.

Overview for Virgo

State of Mind:

Really not all that bad, considering. Most Virgos are already looking forward to the summer holiday.

Karma Numbers:

2, 5, 6, 15, 55 including 1955 but mostly companies and businesses formed during it.

Buzz Words:


Compatible Sign(s):

Pisces, Aquarius

General Weekly Overview

This week's horoscope forecast is highlighted by strong feelings that may obscure your vision. Dwelling on your personal problems will only distract you from the task at hand. Your greatest inspiration comes from taking everything personally. You have a lot to gain by maintaining control of your emotions. An affair of the heart could move toward heartbreak. You still have time to save it, but do you really want to? You will have to be accountable for your actions. Choose your words wisely, as the consequences of what you say will be great. Approach others with love as they work through their own discomfort. If a break from routine would add to the healing, cancel your scheduled plans for late in the week and do something different. Read more...

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