Weekly Horoscope for Scorpio

Scorpio Horoscopes

September 26 - October 2, 2022


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Weekly Horoscope

Day by Day Highlights

Monday the 26th, you appear to have a great deal brought to you, expected of you, or even extrapolated from you by certain signs particularly Libra, Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Cancer or Capricorn. This is not deliberate or mean, but they may be very needy and helpless, or lost.

Tuesday the 27th is a far brighter day with lighthearted and sound emotional energies. It's a more accomplished day with excellent attitude and higher rates of success.

Wednesday the 28th, things move along swiftly, especially in the morning, when ideal energies support your every move. Things may get off track easily in the afternoon hours -- just after lunch -- but with an excess push of effort by mid-afternoon you can have them back on track quickly. Seek enjoyment in the evening hours and it appears that you have an extravagantly enjoyable evening.

Thursday the 29th, power people favor you outright as you may be handed the keys to the kingdom in more than one way. Be ready to fly things solo as there are so many others around you who seem to be having problems. Those who are unable to stick with what they are doing, who are restless or indecisive, erratic and unpredictable, or who are forceful and demanding. You will have to pick your way through the minefield that is the day.

Friday the 30th is a total turnaround and filled with harmony, cheerfulness and affectionate support from others. You glide through your day with accomplishments, left and right, and a high rate of energy to do them all with. Makes for a wonderful day, doesn't it!

Saturday the 1st is a high-quality "me time" day, filled with excellent decisions and the ability to influence others strongly, as you can ask for anything you want and get it.

Sunday the 2nd, you can relax with others and enjoy friendship and family. You pick and choose how you wish to spend your day with high rates of cooperation and excellent energies to surround you. Let your talents create the kind of day that you want for yourself.

Love Horoscope

Romance does rather well early in the week right up to Thursday when you appear to be favored by surprises and enjoyable gatherings, but the worm can turn quickly near the more emotionally demanding times of Friday to Sunday. Paired Stingers may hold long and sensitive discussions. Subjects range from money, future income to discipline and behavior, especially of in-laws and anyone who interferes in your relationship. Read the weekly partner horoscope...

Friendship Forecast

Friends gather for a variety of reasons -- and not just to honor you -- but very likely for accomplishments, life milestones/events for yourself, or for themselves. Be willing to put your own agenda aside if it happens to be something that focuses on them. The true measure of a friend is to care more about their needs/goals, than your own. Selflessness is big this week. Showcase yours.

Career Highlights

This can be a big money week in a number of ways, from having to lay out or invest huge sums early in the week in an effort to spend money to make money, and/or show huge return potential especially near Tuesday/Wednesday when profit from recent efforts is likely, to the demands of Thursday/Friday, when spending to solve, expand, support or invest yet again in some other need, project or direction that appears in some way more demanding and less elective than earlier trends. Be very clear with authority/power/money figures from Wednesday to Saturday.


Promising, but costly.

Overview for Scorpio

State of Mind:

Highly communicative.

Karma Numbers:

2, 9, 16, 21, 54, especially 2002

Buzz Words:

Foundation/s for/of success.

Compatible Sign(s):

Gemini, Libra, Leo, Aries

General Weekly Overview

This week's horoscope forecast is highlighted by emotional feelings and your realization that life goes on. You can't continue to wear your emotions on your sleeve. Recent chain of events need to be addressed. Keep recent promise to continue to keep yourself fit, will benefit you both physically and emotionally. You could be easily irritated by small matters and may not appreciate others criticizing your methods. Try not to turn this into a war. There are, after all, many ways to approach a problem. Wisdom is about the willingness to take in, with an open mind, the views of others. You'll be ready to break loose by the weekend. Go do something weird, strange, different! If you need the space, go have a good time by yourself and leave others out of it. Read more...

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