Weekly Horoscope for Scorpio

Scorpio Horoscopes

December 6 - December 12, 2021


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Weekly Horoscope by Rita Ann


Monday the 6th, you can tackle any problem whatsoever, as you seem ready to take on almost anything and your ESP will not fail you. The evening is filled with quiet conversations and deeply fulfilling exchanges.

Tuesday the 7th, your practical side is in control and you make well-balanced and dependable, responsible decisions in all that you do in both career and personal life.

Wednesday the 8th it appears that you handled many different challenges in the morning from other individuals who are not in the mood to perform up to snuff and in the afternoon great progress and quick-thinking appear to be fair for the day.

Thursday the 9th your day seems quite contented and easy to deal with in the morning hours, but your afternoon may have some stray emotional thinking and impulsiveness to corral in concerning both your own thinking and that of others, especially Aries, Aquarius, Pisces and Cancer.

Friday the 10th is an excellent time to deal with power figures; but it's wise to use a soft and extremely respectful touch as you give them plenty of room and time to make their decisions. In not pressing anything you will get what you want by assuring it up the aisle very softly. They are prone to be very helpful to you today.

Saturday the 11th enlightening discussions and the exchanges of ideas in the morning inspire you, but do not force a commitment from a business or love partner today. It would be unwise and the results might be disastrous. Use the day for relaxation and light conversation.

Sunday the 12th is a highly enjoyable day in which almost any discussion can be held with optimum outcomes.


Emotions dominate love energy from Monday to Wednesday and acting too hasty may control Thursday to Saturday, while bickering and small crap appear to sully Saturday to Sunday. What may happen is a temporary slip, but you would repair things quickly, like by next Tuesday and most likely do so with 100% understanding and clarity. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Emotional heart strings. They are there and boy, do they get tugged this week from Wednesday to Friday and you respond very well and quickly should they be yanked. Pisces, Taurus, Capricorn and other Stingers are likely candidates but Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini may have deep needs that go beyond what you can really "do." Maybe just moral support (rather than throwing good after bad) might be the right energy on that one.


You appear to put a ton of work into Wednesday to Saturday and get zippy-do-da for it; zilch, zero, nada... and not only that, you could be blamed for the mistakes it brings, the things others did or the history or older problems linked to it. If this one hits you, back off and have nothing to do with it. Trying to fix it on Friday/Saturday may only make things worse. Power people do tend to favor you as we near Saturday/Sunday, but that is its own natural course and it would be wise to not try and use their support or knowledge to fix any problems from Monday to Wednesday mentioned earlier.


Far from cooperative, except for Tuesday; favorable and highly cooperative.

Overview for Scorpio

State of Mind:

Emotional, calm but happy.

Karma Numbers:

2's in all things, especially with other even numbers, particularly 4 and 8, 19, 32, 52

Buzz Words:

The bigger they are; the harder they fall; wait for the fall.

Compatible Sign(s):


Weekly Overview by Deborah

This week's horoscope forecast is highlighted by significant changes and opportunities which face you at this time, but making the correct decision about what to do is not easy. This is a period of critical decisions and transition. A major change in your life can occur now (new job, relocating, ending a long-term relationship or beginning a new one, etc.). In fact, it is not unusual for several important changes of this nature to be occurring. Unfortunately, you find it difficult to decide whether to go along with the new opportunities or even push harder to make changes occur, or whether to try to maintain the old, familiar life style, routines, and surroundings. Read more...

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