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Scorpio Horoscopes

June 14 - June 20, 2021


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Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope


Some of you can be a little over exuberant on Monday the 14th but it's nothing that you can't handle with age or experience although the younger ones among you may feel like just flying and taking off the ground. Enjoy the day and try to stick with the plans that you made for it.

Tuesday the 15th your daytime hours seem to go extremely well but the late afternoon may hold an unpleasant emotional appeal for a cross-section of you especially in clashes with Virgo, Pisces, Leo or Cancer.

Wednesday the 16th is a very useful and busy day with good information and helpful insiders who are trying to help you line your pockets.

Thursday the 17th you are a popular figure if you can make sure that your ego is in line with your spiritual will and the balance between them is good. It's a busy and long day and you will need good balance.

Friday the 18th you work well with others and many of you may have to work frequently here and there with many other people in various situations and just like ants communicating frequently throughout the colony.

Saturday the 19th is a wonderful quality "free time/me time" day although many of you male Stingers may be called upon by your mates for special favors in a honey-do list.

Sunday the 20th under the Scorpio Moon the day appears to be extremely pleasant with excellent exchanges as long as you make few demands upon yourself and even less demands upon others and let the day just unfold and glide.


Relationship status may be in a form of limbo during this week but only for Stingers paired to Pisces, Virgo, Leo, Cancer or March Aries. Let them have all the space they want. Single Stingers do very well but may find short term success that fizzles. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Pals may be highly talkative up to Tuesday and then moody from Wednesday to Friday, demanding energy that takes over on Friday and pals can become almost pushy, especially Leo, Aries, Aquarius, some Cancers, Taurus and other Stingers. Watch out that you, yourself, do not take on this energy also.


Not much to worry about this week in career as long as you already have any financial go ahead you needed. Most planned projects just need to be babysat and seen through. Small set backs if they are going to happen, appear likely for Friday only and they appear to end just as quickly as they began. It appears to be more poor cooperation that day than hassles.


Actually, rather good.

Overview for Scorpio

State of Mind:


Karma Numbers:

1, 5, 8, 50, 85

Buzz Words:

Only so much time "on the little crap."

Compatible Sign(s):

Taurus, Cancer

Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning

Your Astrologer This week's horoscope is highlighted by friends and associates that could prove to be very unreliable. New responsibilities could seem burdensome now. You need to make an effort to adjust to the demands of you. If you're under too much pressure, your health could suffer. You need to be needed and you may have to carefully structure your time to accommodate everything you want to do. With some patience and understanding on your part, however, you'll realize what could occur in the lives of others to cause them to have to completely re-adjust their routines. Try to see external events as a mirror for your own growth. Learn to be more flexible in your own patterns. It's time to dance to the beat of a different drummer. Read more...

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