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January 25 - January 31, 2021


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Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope


Monday the 25th emotional upheavals in the morning may be a discussion or some level of bickering possibly with a sibling or co-worker and it's best to try to get it fixed on the spot or as quickly as you can. Following the rest of the day as a potential threat and certainly haunting the corridors of your mind for the rest of the day would also be a contamination. Express your emotional pent-up feelings if you can't settle the issue by finding a good friend in Cancer, Capricorn, other Scorpio, Virgo or Gemini.

Tuesday the 26th is a very productive and well-organized day that you can use to structure the upcoming 3 weeks to schedule and organize appointments call meetings and other necessities so you can beat Mercury retrograde.

Wednesday the 27th your ESP is in tip-top shape and most of the day runs quite smoothly with one small interruption just after lunch hour that can be put to bed quickly. If it is a power person who demands your time and attention you must see to it immediately and with great respect.

Thursday the 28th don't force a commitment from a loved one, or a commitment may be demanded of you, especially if you are paired to Taurus, Libra, Capricorn or another Scorpio. Be extremely patient with this one and if it expresses itself other than outside of a personal or sexual relationship, be very patient with it if it is a business or friendship relationship. It can set you off on the wrong foot, especially under this full Moon.

Friday the 29th another emotional upheaval is possible in the evening and must be handled with kid leather gloves, as there seems to be little you can do by way of reasonable discussion to get your way out of it. The day itself is a highly productive one with excellent exchanges with power people who seem to favor you greatly throughout the day. Good news on finances also appear likely and getting the nod on powerful moves is also your cup of tea.

Saturday the 30th is a highly productive day with quality "ME TIME/FREE TIME" for you to get to any leftover duties or chores of your own that you wish to free yourself from. Create your own warm cheerful and exciting atmosphere.

Sunday the 31st can be a relaxing and enjoyable day with excellent accomplishments and an evening with pleasure, popularity and successful romance.


There is still a strong wave of sexual tension and left over goodies. Many of you may be enjoying that now, and if you made any kind of special connection at all, or if you make one -- for God's sake -- keep it away from anything negative in your life; be it family, pals or career. This one applies to current status, as well. Avoid any and all money talk unless you are an old married couple -- and even then be damn careful! Read the weekly partner horoscope...


There is a possible termination threat for the Stinger this week, pals may cycle out of your life for any number of reasons from typical life events like job moves, marriage or slowly losing touch to outright clashes that really tick you off! Try to roll with it and give it until February 7th is over before you take any action -- drastic or otherwise.


If it can go wrong, it will go wrong, after Friday. Bust your butt to get as much done, scheduled and accomplished as you can. Money improves when the full Moon is over on Friday and many of you may get the nod on needed finance, getting in "just under the wire" of Mercury retrograde on Saturday. Many Stingers will have long and hassled dealings until Mercury goes direct, and then you'll still need about 3 to 5 more days after that date to be sure.


Appalling for some of you. Barely reasonable for the bulk and hot, hot, hot for those of you at the top of the list; very thin cross section, however. Best of luck to you! I love my Stingers...

Overview for Scorpio

State of Mind:

In need of even more self confidence, even if you can be a bit of a pain at times.

Karma Numbers:

6, 8, 11, 15, 22

Buzz Words:

Keep pulling hard!

Compatible Sign(s):

Anyone who does not give you grief.

Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning

Your Astrologer This week's scenario is highlighted by your need to feel more secure. Your insecurities stem from other's lack of responsibility. All of your good will be wasted if you can't communicate those feelings. Sincere attempts will get the attention of those who really matter. Changes in your family structure will now help you to cope with other changes in your professional life. You might still be able to profit from this experience if you try early in the week. You can share joint responsibilities without feeling all the stress on your shoulders. You just have to remember what your real priorities are. A vital relationship will thrive with a burst of fresh energy. Start from the beginning and see what you can build from there. Your presence will be required to complete the cycle. If you want true peace of mind, the only choice you have is to be patient. Your concern for human interests will teach you more about compassion. By week's end, you'll be able to change things that were previously stuck in time. Read more...

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