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May 23 - May 29, 2022


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Weekly Horoscope

Day by Day Highlights

Monday the 23rd is an emotional and sensitive day with your feelings switching up from one direction to another all morning before the later afternoon hours straighten things out and bring them into focus. You're able to get a grappling hook on everything and ride it through to close of business hours.

Tuesday the 24th, your perspective in judgment may be a little shaky in the morning but you're right on point in the afternoon all the way through to bedtime.

Wednesday the 25th, some of you may be a little cranky in the morning hours but your afternoon and evening appear to be filled with joy!

Thursday the 26th, everything turns on a dime and changes tremendously for you with wonderful new directions and recent burdens removed from your back.

Friday the 27th, wonderful news is likely from all directions and much of it is financial and employment-related and likely to get you extremely excited in a very positive way. Good news about and from others may also be included, especially Capricorn, Scorpio, Gemini, Aries and Sagittarius members.

Saturday the 28th appears to go smoothly with excellent gatherings and highly enjoyable family fun along with good news from afar for a hefty cross-section of you.

Sunday the 29th seems to be full of peace and relaxation with quality catch-up time and a piece of good "me time" for the vast majority of you.

On May 10, Mercury will go retrograde until June 2. This will cause all sort of communication problems including technology mishaps, travel delays, misunderstandings with family and friends and defective purchases. This affects all signs and you should stay vigilant in all your communications until Mercury goes direct again. Track these influences and see how they play out during the year ahead.

Love Horoscope

Romance does not do well for both single and paired Lions this week as there is a small threat of termination energy afoot, especially if paired to signs like Libra, Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn, other Leos and Sagittarius. Be willing to listen to complaints even if you know they are not valid and are most likely born out of either boredom or insecurity. Single Lions do show a very few promising time slots for successful hook-ups limited to Tuesday afternoon, Thursday morning, all-day Friday and AM only of Sunday. Read the weekly partner horoscope...

Friendship Forecast

Friends are likely to disappoint you this week but not intentionally. Those that do provide disappointment energy are Libra, Gemini, Cancer and Capricorn through poor time management; and Scorpio, Virgo, Sagittarius and Aries through distractions in their lives which they have not processed well, made final decisions about or, left to others in their lives to manipulate either them or the situations that interfere. The best thing you can do this week is feel the annoyance/anger, say nothing and just let it slide.

Career Highlights

This is going to be a rather challenging week in career for just about 85% of all Lions on the planet! Should you be lucky enough to fall in the scant 15%, you'll find agreeable bosses, assistance without asking for it, being handed easy duty, a lot of slack cut for you and requests granted quickly, especially Tuesday and again on Friday. Answer all communications as fast as you can on Tuesday and especially on Friday and be sure to follow through to the finish with any back and forth exchanges, particularly those that come from either powerful or important people and contain requests that may be time sensitive or have a near deadline.


Better than expected at times but still too much going out than you may be comfortable with at this time.

Overview for Leo

State of Mind:

Fixed and trying very hard to balance everything, especially Wednesday to Friday.

Karma Numbers:

4 in any form, especially with 1s and 0s, doubled or dotted with them like 104, 411, etc.

Buzz Words:

One extreme to the other.

Compatible Sign(s):


General Weekly Overview

This week's horoscope forecast is highlighted by travel, promotional and marketing plans. Communication with people in authority may not provide the desired results. You may be faced with a situation that could present major problems. You may feel angry, but patience is what will bring you results. Be patient, but at the same time insist on honesty from others. Once you commence to communicate effectively, you'll see things from a different perspective. Creative ideas may come pouring forth. If you can catch some enthusiasm, you have a good chance to do something constructive with it. Get all the information you need before jumping into action. Listen to your intuitive feelings and realize that recent happenings were inevitable. This is particularly true in your professional life. Read more...

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