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Leo Horoscopes

September 18 - September 24, 2023


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Weekly Horoscope

What happens this week?

Monday the 18th is a very orderly day that can be filled with accomplishments in an atmosphere of goodwill with great help, advice and assistance coming from all four directions. Great progress is indicated.

Tuesday, the 19th, you are eager to achieve. There's a lot of energy in the air, and that's exactly what you need. Take care of routine matters and details quickly in the early morning hours, and you will have plenty of room for your own particular agenda, personal and business, during the day.

Wednesday the 20th requires examining finances and all forms of money coming in and going out. Stay on top of this.

On Thursday the 21st, more attention needs to be paid to finances, bill-paying, and other details to keep your finances in balance. You have a lot of high hopes for the day but very little cooperation from others, so fly solo.

Good news is likely on Friday the 22nd, and your insights and ESP are sharp and right on the money. Your evening is filled with romance and pleasure, and excellent meetings and success are indicated.

Saturday the 23rd: See yourself in situations during the day before you get involved. You need to be more politically aware. The evening will require patience but will be very successful.

Sunday the 24th is excellent for discussions and exchanges and looks like a typical Sunday gathering with friends and family with wonderful, enjoyable opportunities.

Love Horoscope

There should be no waves to ride in love life this week, as most of you will just go with the ebb and flow. There is some nice hot sexual stuff waiting for you from Wednesday (for a whole week), so enjoy the crap out of it! I used to be young, too, you know; now I've lost the thread. Will at least one or two of you ride the wild monkey for me? Lol. Read the weekly partner horoscope...

Friendship Forecast

Your compassion, empathy, and emotions will be in high gear this week as the clock ticks down to Wednesday. Don't give away the farm. Don't spend yourself like water, pouring yourself out for every taker. Relax and enjoy the sexual and more hedonistic energies this week!

Career Highlights

You can ace this one. Stop talking to yourself in the mirror. Grab yourself by the seat of your pants and the back of your neck, and throw yourself into it. Stay dry, wet your mouth when you speak, use light humor to break the ice, and just keep going. You can do this; stop worrying -- or you'll undo all the good you've done so far! Also, keep all personal issues, problems and dynamics out of the workplace from Thursday through Saturday.

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Makes you very susceptible to both emotional and impulse spending.

Overview for Leo

State of Mind:

Up and down, on and off, back and forth, and prone to frequent changes of mind, especially Tuesday through Thursday.

Karma Numbers:

Stick with 3; it's a magic number, especially in gatherings or intimate conversations. Be sure to sit in a triangle. 6, 8, 11, 15

Buzz Words:

Leave well enough alone

Compatible Sign(s):

Aries, Libra

General Weekly Overview

This week's horoscope shows your ability to use your magnetism and people skills to impress others. Listen to their passions and try to put a positive spin on their ideas. Treat them well, as you may need their support later on. Appearance is very important right now. Make a special effort to look your best. You'll get more information than you need if you follow your intuitive feelings. Excitement will make it very difficult for you to keep your cool. Use your enthusiasm to spice up your relationship. It won't cost you anything, but you'll get a lot of attention. Read more...

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