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January 25 - January 31, 2021


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Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope


Monday the 25th appears to be a highly accomplished day with others coming to you for information and wisdom for your insight. The afternoon hours must be culled aside for yourself however, as you may need it for your own decisions and direction.

Tuesday the 26th self-examination in the morning hours and close attention to detail would be important if you are to avoid the mistakes that are possible to be made. Keep your actions steady and stay on top of things checking frequently if you wish to avoid these mistakes that are indicated.

Wednesday the 27th the daytime hours are filled with demands on your time, left and right and there are interruptions and distractions just after lunch that may shorten your fuse. Your stars say don't say anything at this time and try to be accommodating if you can but hold back time for yourself.

Thursday the full Moon has you working very hard with very little progress for your own self and it seems to be a long and draining work day for the vast majority of you. The evening hours your stars say get out of a rut and go do something different that refreshes you and recharges your batteries.

Friday the 29th can be a highly productive and accomplished day with many new ideas and opportunities brought your way.

Saturday the 30th the retrograde does not touch you yet, but it's coming! You need self examination today and to clear your plate of both personal/domestic and professional/job issues or leftovers.

Sunday the 31st appears to be a typical old-fashioned Sunday with lots of good exchanges and talking and some extra romantic success in the evening thrown in just for fun.


Termination warning! Termination warning! Too many of you are vulnerable to a total split/loss near Friday into later Saturday. Do not -- repeat -- do not say or do anything you might regret later. And, if you have no choice let go and let God. Everything happens for a reason. Now, not all Leos will hit this one; but for those that do, it can be nasty, heartbreaking and very shocking, as it tends to come out of the blue while most times, signs have some kind of warning that things have been crappy lately. Should you be one of the rare Lions who bite into this one; do what you need to do to survive first, worry about the rest later. There is a small cross section of you single Lions who will land very interesting candidates that range from an exciting one night stand to the rest of your natural life.... but those are rare. Problems with Aquarius, other Lions, Taurus and Scorpio rank highest. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Boy, it looks like a hefty cross section of you may really need your friends or a pal from Friday to Sunday, and it would be wise to keep your most reliable pals close this week. Inform them of your life through light chit-chat on an ongoing basis; make them feel part of it right now so if you do need any kind of help, they are likely to rush to give it to you.


Things move along nicely and you even appear to beat the retrograde but any Lions who must do business in any form on later Friday, especially Saturday and even parts of Sunday, must be very careful, even in off site situations that are somewhat social. Never let your guard down and stay strictly professional all the way. Also, don't let them know what you are thinking; which means no comments pop out of your mouth. It will take at least three days for the retrograde to take "hold."


Problematic until Wednesday is over.

Overview for Leo

State of Mind:

Not ready to handle Friday to Sunday.

Karma Numbers:

2's in all things financial, 3 in lessons and 4, 7, 9 generally speaking.

Buzz Words:

Self control; own your own life, responsibilities and any mistakes.

Compatible Sign(s):

Libra, Sagittarius.

Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning

Your Astrologer This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to sense that there may be something missing from the mix. Your intuitive feelings may cause you to want to scream. Hold your tongue, as negative displays of emotion will only hurt your reputation. Others may try to introduce themselves as friends, but they are not sincere. Only you know if you're walking into their trap. Independent thinkers will find different ways to get their ideas across. If the time is right, the magic will happen. Try your best to separate your personal and professional lives. By week's end, you'll be able to collect on an offer that's you thought you missed. You'll be drawn to others who share your ideals. Take the first steps from doubt into certainty. Read more...

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