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July 26 - August 1, 2021


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Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope


Monday the 26th you have an excess and emotions and may tend to be extravagant. This extravagance can include not only your time but your energy, effort, good intentions and your money as well. Keep in mind your emotions are at the top of the list.

Tuesday the 27th is a well-organized day with excellent outcomes and good cooperation and turnaround time on your investments.

Wednesday the 28th the daytime hours seem to speed by with good news on finance and excellent decisions on most everything you set your hand to. The evening hours come with a warning to be discriminating in your personal and especially romantic situations.

Thursday the 29th appears to be a busy and active day with several good opportunities to ask for assistance from others and get exactly what you need. It's a wonderful day to hand out good advice and get good advice, as well.

Friday the 30th unconscious scruples can upset romantic harmony and you must be clear and upfront about everything that you involve yourself with as you must be conscious and aware. As for the day itself, it appears to be a busy and active one during the work time hours and an extremely cheerful and harmonious one during the evening and late afternoon hours.

Saturday the 31st you have excellent shopping karma and show locating beautiful purchases, just right items, lost items returning, meeting new friends, old friends returning and reaching as close to perfection as you are going to get.

Sunday the 1st is a relaxing and enjoyable day with a great deal going on. Invitations are likely as are visitors and unexpected goodies.


Romantic love is wide open this week and single Scales top the list for success stories. Old loves can return and even those you thought long dead with no hope, may surface in some way, even if it is just to finalize and be put to bed under better circumstances. There are also other forms of love that may grab center stage different days; siblings dominate Thursday/Friday as ties there may deepen. Appreciation levels soar! Singles have a wonderful week of fast success and paired Scales can quell problems in a heartbeat by just sitting down and talking it out, especially from Wednesday to Saturday. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Friends are very helpful and may be quick to volunteer; just make sure you accept the help from the right person for the job! Don't worry about feeling odd telling a pal thanks but no thanks, you may have a precious chore or goal that needs just the right person for the job. Just think first before asking or you're going to most likely get 25% of the way into it and then remember this warning!


You change your mind mid stream and often but this week, you must both "appear to be" and "be stable," especially on Monday when your reputation may depend upon it and from Wednesday to Friday when the outcome of important projects or goals depends upon picking the right horse. It is not too late to back out and start over, if you have gone less than 20-25% of the way into it. Better to admit your poor choice and lose some time, than screw the whole thing up just because "you made your bed now lay in it" as my daddy used to say. By the way, I hated that one but I did learn from it! It is true in life that sometimes you are supposed to learn by suffering with your own choices but not this week!


Fair to rather good

Overview for Libra

State of Mind:

Emotional over all.

Karma Numbers:

7, 10, 11, 23, 24

Buzz Words:

Expand and take risks but slowly and in stages.

Compatible Sign(s):

Cancer, Taurus, Gemini and some Pisces, especially February Fish

Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's horoscope is highlighted by your need to find new ways to succeed. Before moving ahead on your own, think about ways to unite others. Human emotions cannot rule you, this time. You must try to look at things on an a more intellectual plane. Try your best to stay clear of those who try to bring you down to their level. You need to look beyond the immediate to understand how the bigger picture works. Everyone needs to feel secure, some may rely on luck but you have your own strategy in place. Read more...

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