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April 12 - April 18, 2021


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Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope


Monday the 12th your head may be all about enhancements and making things better in the world around you both in your personal and your career life by streamlining and improving yourself and your surroundings. Making things easier and more accessible seems to also be on your mind.

Tuesday the 13th good news on finance is likely to arrive for a reasonable cross-section of you who will have high hopes but may be some unrealistic plans and scaling them down to a more reasonable level would be wise. The money will go a lot further and to better places if you do.

Wednesday the 14th your ruling planet, Venus, moves into Taurus and now even more money enters your life over the next several weeks and months. Where it goes and how you deal with it is going to be critical. The universe will be good to you in many ways with material goods, services and finance. Together they will total an impressive amount but you may not notice it as such. Your insights are keen today and you must deal carefully with the material wealth that is headed your way.

Thursday the 15th there are some overwhelming energies that may hit dodge. Dreams, promises and optimism tend to be on a gargantuan scale and while some of it may be genuine, you must take each thing that comes your way with a grain of sand and error on the side of caution.

Friday the 16th you can accomplish with patience but you must weave it throughout the day carefully at each turn and intersection, particularly in exchanges with Gemini, Pisces and Cancer.

Saturday the 17th is a busy and demanding day that is likely to be quite long but your picture looks very good. You find excellent progress, make discussions about reunions and travel plans and discover good humor and great harmony, even late into the day.

Sunday the 18th family seems to rank high on your list of concerns and some members may display restless nervous energy or the need to express their repressed emotions. Discussions are essential and a good pair of ears or a shoulder would be what you should provide. Road trips and visitors are both likely and while others may be taking it you could be involved as well.


This is not the best week for upgrades in romance but it does appear to be filled with hot, passionate, deeply moving emotionally charged feelings, view points and positions, especially in taking sides. More than one Scale may be driven to take up a position against family, friends or employer over love, love interests or love involvement/s this week. Wait until the dust settles before you make any permanent edicts. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Listen to good, old, pals whom you know to have really your best interests at heart this week as they may be the only ones able to help you balance a tough decision, difficult path or unclear choice you are possibly forced into making. Choose level headed buddies like Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio, other Libras and Pisces. Sleep on everything as "knee jerk" or "too fast" of a decision is the worst this week.


Kind contributions from coworkers and even superiors are likely this week, especially near Monday and it may set the tone for your whole week as you ride the waves of controversy indicated as unfolding around you more than with or over you. Heads may roll and allies may turn so keep many options open this week. Travel, visitors and/or long distance dealings are very likely from Thursday to Saturday and you may find yourself smack in the middle of it, especially if you are dealing with new companies/sources/clients, Sagittarius, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus or anything in the land development, banking, insurance or transportation industries.


Very promising

Overview for Libra

State of Mind:

A tad bit vulnerable.

Karma Numbers:

3, 11, 13, 23, 33

Buzz Words:

Abilities and reason, along with the ability to reason.

Compatible Sign(s):


Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning

Your Astrologer This week's horoscope is highlighted by strong feelings of belonging to something much bigger than you had anticipated. Family members and close friends will vie for your attention. Listen to them, but try not to get too overwhelmed by their requests. Help where you can, but don't put your own plans on hold for them. Recent happenings will remind you of how precious life really is. Offers you receive may be exciting, but you will need some time to digest all of the information you have received. Don't rush any decisions, play the waiting game. Express your inner thoughts and feelings to someone close to you. They'll be able to help you to deal with something that's very close to your heart. Read more...

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