Weekly Horoscope for Gemini

Gemini Horoscopes

August 15 - August 21, 2022


Private Life *

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Weekly Horoscope

Day by Day Highlights

Monday the 15th, you spend the day working through problems and making excellent progress. You may end the day very pleased with yourself as your ability to leverage others is quite good.

Tuesday the 16th, many of you have excellent shopping karma, may have lost items returned to you, or may find something that is just perfect or right for the situation you are trying to accomplish. Your insight is also very sharp.

Wednesday the 17th, a great deal of work may be brought to you. You must finish whatever is presented to you, but the accomplishments and rewards for such things appear to be highly dependable and quite a feather in your cap.

Thursday the 18th indicates great prosperity for a hefty cross-section of you. Many of you get stunning news about quality upgrades in your lives.

Friday the 19th, several encounters with friends may be in store for a reasonable cross-section of you as many of you feel strong change in the air and seem willing to give almost anything a try.

Saturday the 20th, your emotions are very strong and you have an overwhelming desire to make changes in the environment around you and upgrade several things from your own personal appearance to your domestic scene and decor.

Sunday the 21st is filled with harmony, cheerfulness and strong affection and is a perfect day for gatherings. There is a rare aspect that will allow many of you to go out under the stars in the evening, even if you can't see them, and ask the universe for a cherished wish. You must say this out loud -- even if you only whisper it and it will likely come true for a hefty cross-section of you.

Love Horoscope

Your week is sure to be filled with happy situations even amidst controversy or minor quarrels, which tend to lift fast, and if they do happen at all! Another welcomed event is that luck in general for the Twin, single or paired, tends to go on the rise and sharply, brings exciting opportunity in a variety of ways! Read the weekly partner horoscope...

Friendship Forecast

Emotions appear to run rather deep this week and there may be some hand-holding involved, especially near Wednesday to Thursday. You appear to be in great demand among your constituents and old timer pals. Most of the reasons appear to be advice with just plain companionship and "backing me up," especially with Virgo, Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio and other Twins.

Career Highlights

Your stars show lots of new opportunity, cooperation and support, especially financial nods, loans, purchases and new power presented to you. What you need to avoid is committing to too much this week and push as much as you can by way of planning and committing into Friday and next week from Monday to Thursday for both short and long range success.


Troubling at times

Overview for Gemini

State of Mind:

Emotional and feeling taken advantage of.

Karma Numbers:

7, 14, 21, 22, 28

Buzz Words:

Always two choices and which is right?

Compatible Sign(s):

Taurus, Pisces

General Weekly Overview

This week's scenario is highlighted by a tendency to be a little too aggressive or overprotective toward loved ones now. This week may be a time when you drive others away if you do not respect their personal space and individual rights. Anger is bound to become an issue now in close and intimate relationships. Others may minimize your acts of love and, instead, take offense when you try to take care of them. You in turn can feel resentful when another person refuses your help or concern. Before you act on your personal desires, perhaps it is best to reevaluate the approach you wish to take. Being overly direct will not win points at this time. But this can also be a time of intense pleasure and passion. You may go to extremes or you may feel the very depths of your hunger for love. In either case the message is to push the limits of your creativity, your relationships and your capacity for feeling. Read more...

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