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August 2 - August 8, 2021


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Weekly Horoscope by Rita Ann


Monday the 2nd is a fairly tolerable day where you can focus on the responsibilities that you wish in the morning and do things more solo until better quality assistance shows up around mid-morning to noon. The afternoon hours are quite impressive with excellent accomplishments but push to get all you can done since by end of business hours things start to fall apart. Your evening may make you feel scattered.

Tuesday the 3rd a lot of talking and negotiating appear likely as if you were scheduling, arranging, structuring or trying to pull several parties together to get them on the same page over a single event. Who put you in charge of what? If it's for career you will do fantastic. If it's for family it may not wrap up until Friday the 6th.

Wednesday the 4th you are vulnerable, gullible and prone to poor judgment in the morning hours and you also have emotional upheavals during exchanges in the very early hours. The good news is the excellent progress and sterling examples of accomplishments you make out of the rest of the day far outshine what rusty little start you get in the morning.

Thursday the 5th you put a great deal of time, effort, energy, heart and soul into the day and you won't stop pushing until you get everything you can possibly extrapolate back out of the day. The Moon is in the fourth quarter and you have squeezed just about everything you can get out of this apple. You did a fine job! No one could have done better, excellent job grasshopper.

Friday the 6th there are some ideal situations that will allow you to accomplish above and beyond your compatriots in the afternoon hours and while others may try to hit the bullseye it is you that will hit it dead center. Keep pushing for all you can get and you will get more than you expected. Grab up the phone, answer emails and texts quickly and don't leave until you are sure you have done everything that needs to be done.

Saturday the 7th is a quality "me time" day with an evening that can be spent in meditation to use your vast cosmic energies to heal through creative visualization almost anything that is wrong with your life physically or spiritually.

Sunday the 8th most of your day moves along very nicely and what appears to be a highly enjoyable Sunday but you should know that as the day wears on many of you get a bad case of drop butt. Plan an early day and you'll be right in sync with yourself.


Romance appears promising for both single and paired Fish with a few challenging hours the evenings of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Only a tiny fraction of you will hit termination and the rest of you will pull it all through successfully, if not impressively. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


There is a window of loss when it comes to pals moving on in life through typical channels like upgrades in careers leading to moves, marriage migrations, fall outs and loss through death. Sadly, this includes pets. There are many of you who will snatch things from the grip of grief by noticing things quickly when it comes to pets and getting on it right away and by using "better safe than sorry" decisions.


Here we see there are days where it will not matter how hard you try or what you do; success will fall in your lap with or without trying from Tuesday to Friday. Employment for the unemployed, big profit for self employed/commission based and upgrades "for the asking" Pisces who feel they have been dangling here long enough. Return calls fast and use very respectful tones from Wednesday to Thursday.


Actually, good!

Overview for Pisces

State of Mind:

Full Moon type psychic this week -- although no full Moon

Karma Numbers:

0, 3, 5, 12, 35

Buzz Words:

Slow down, find a pace that works and then ride it to Saturday.

Compatible Sign(s):


Weekly Overview by Deborah

This week's horoscope is highlighted by your inability to control your emotions. Finalize contracts as quickly as possible. Concentrate on key positions. Don't be too quick to judge others. You may have invalid information that will cause you to make the wrong choices. Romantic connections can be made if you approach someone who interests you. Doors will open professionally if you send out your resume and go for interviews. Don't allow children or entertainment to cost too much or you'll have financial problems. Self-improvement projects are your best outlet. You need an outlet. You'll be sensitive to the comments made by loved ones. Try not to jump to conclusions. You'll be so wrapped up in your own problems that you are likely to take loved ones for granted. Read more...

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