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October 18 - October 24, 2021


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Weekly Horoscope by Rita Ann


Monday the 18th, it's easy to help others and it's easy for others to help you. There's good advice to be given and good advice to be taken and it would be a wise idea for you to pick up on the cheer and goodwill that comes along with all of it as excellent progress can be had all day long well into the evening at both work and home.

Tuesday the 19th routine and typical behavior seem to be the best things to cling to if you want to accomplishments today to be at their very best. They will also go swiftly and smoothly if you use a routine pace as well.

Wednesday the 20th under the full Moon while people are cheerful it's best if you make few demands upon yourself and even less demands upon them and stick to your basics for the day. Discussions of money are likely to surface later in the afternoon and early evening.

Thursday the 21st discipline your work and keep your thinking serious particularly about finances and any kind of money exchanges. If you sound solid and reserved you will be trusted far more. It's the tone you use that is more convincing than the words you say.

Friday the 22nd there's good news on finance but it is not the time to make any changes in your life and you must keep everything in place as it is exactly. The evening is excellent for romance and great pleasure can be had.

Saturday the 23rd is a highly enjoyable but emotional day and there are lots of discussions and exchanges likely.

Sunday the 24th there may be travel or visitors from afar and it's best to take your day one piece at a time as it rolls along. It's also an excellent day to make mental decisions.


Well. What can I say here. Hopefully, you had a Taurus, Virgo, Cancer or maybe Scorpio to help you through any rough waters you recently had, and if all that much damage was not done, you're simply recovering now. If damage was done; get yourself to a pro and fix it or risk "an or else." You don't want that. The Sea Goat can "love" only so many times (in and out and start again) on this planet and then their clock work for the love process simply breaks down and they fear to even touch it again at some age. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


It is often so hard for you to express how you really feel and you can be a person of few words at times but since there are only a few: Say them!


There will be far more on your side this week than there has been lately. Many of you may feel like you have had zip, zero, zilch for cooperation. Some of you had a little, but dang little. Now, while Tuesday is sort of an adjustment day, and there may be some minor issues on Wednesday, after that it is clear going. You appear to complicate quickly near Wednesday/Thursday next week, so do not schedule important things (in career) for those days.


Welcome practical spending

Overview for Capricorn

State of Mind:

Seeking level, even and stable.

Karma Numbers:

0, 2, 3, 4, 5

Buzz Words:

Aim! And aim high...

Compatible Sign(s):

Libra, Gemini

Weekly Overview by Deborah

This week's horoscope forecast is highlighted by your ability to admit that you have short comings. Deceit and deception will be the main issue you have with others. Expect disruptions at home. Try not to take things to heart. You may not be judging the situation properly. A positive mental outlook will result if you are honest with yourself. Competitive sports activity will help to ease stress you feel. You'll need good discipline to accomplish your personal goals. Your ability to get your point across may sting, but in the end, it'll be appreciated. You need to make the changes necessary for your happiness. Don't be afraid to ask for help. You'll be surprised at how willing others are to help you out. It won't be easy to please family, friends or in-laws. It is better to please yourself than bang your head against a wall. Don't hold back, say what you think. You need to relax and get in touch with your own feelings. Acceptance is the key. Read more...

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