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Sagittarius Horoscopes

November 29 - December 5, 2021


Private Life *

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Weekly Horoscope by Rita Ann


Monday the 29th is an excellent day for putting things together, scheduling, arranging and contacting your network to expand it or work it for all it's worth. People are highly cooperative and the fourth quarter Moon has not damaged any of your abilities to be smooth and tactful.

Tuesday the 30th is far more challenging but does have some very promising energy tucked away here and there within the day. There is some excellent cooperation and good progress indicated near the end of the day and is working the day with great effort that looks unfruitful frustrating? It may be but apparently it all pays off by day's end.

Wednesday the 1st good news arrives on finance and invitations from a far to travel are likely for a cross-section of you. Work the small ones as diligently as you work for the large ones as they may blossom into something more than you realize. Good news on romance in your personal life is just as likely as well.

Thursday the 2nd well-organized energies once again in your network may bring pings from here and there that you can see massage into larger payoffs. Information and friend of a friend contacts can really pay off. Finish what you start and follow through and push for all it's worth. Signing contracts and having papers forwarded to you are likely today. Peruse them carefully.

Friday the 3rd broken promises in the morning or materials that failed to manifest are typical but do not be disheartened as the afternoon hours show everything shows up on time and pulls together. Progress is likely and profit is there as well. Remember the last several days have been the Moon in the fourth quarter and highly uncooperative and these little stumbling things are typical. You must have patience.

Saturday the 4th, the New Moon and solar eclipse turn everything on a 180 and now everyone is clamoring and anxious to talk to you and fix everything. Today is an excellent day to fix on all the goals and tasks you have been working on.

Sunday the 5th, the Moon is in the first quarter and there is cheerful cooperation as it sextiles your ruling planet Jupiter for the day and sins joyful vibes out to the cosmos. You can't help but find good fortune today in love, luck and money.


There are some wonderful windows for romantic or sexual love for the single, "not a care in the world," youthful Sagittarius but for those of you saddled with responsibilities, you can only catch small snippets of time near what appears to be later Monday, later Wednesday, midday on Friday and early on Sunday. Good luck with that. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Making arrangements well in advance to enjoy time with pals here and there, tucked away in your week, like maybe a trip early some morning, a round of golf or skiing over lunch midday or perhaps meet for a quick drink and that may be the only way you can snatch time with pals and get some of your favorite hobbies in too. Those of you who have standing arrangements, however, may find they actually do not work well this week and may have to be tweaked.


A lot of travel, talking, negotiating, explaining, justification and other forms of revealing and/or sharing are indicated one day after the next from Monday to Thursday. While doing so most likely results in profit, if you work with investments, sales or service, there is the off chance that for a small cross section of you, this is an unusual form of explaining and may be an odd situation that is not typical of your normal work week. For self-employed Archers, this one does spell profit!



Overview for Sagittarius

State of Mind:

Slightly defensive at times

Karma Numbers:

4, 9, 13, 44, 49

Buzz Words:

See it coming a long way's off.

Compatible Sign(s):

Gemini, Cancer

Weekly Overview by Deborah

This week's horoscope forecast is highlighted by personal relationships and new career possibilities. If you really want to be taken seriously, it's better to say less with a little more precision. Leave out the ruffles and your ideas will be better understood. Use your honest approach and communicate your views towards authority, rules. Set your goals and focus on them full force. You need to utilize your energy to organize, re-build, prepare for possible changes in your lifestyle. You'll be able to find solutions if you first clean the air of any deception. Positive comments made by others on your performance may surprise you. Enjoy the attention. Don't give misleading impressions about who you are. You'll have good luck and you should aim high! Read more...

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