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Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius

Aquarius Horoscopes

February 19th - February 25th, 2018


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Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope:

Rita Ann Freeman

Rita Ann is a very high profile astrologer. Fifth generation, Rita Ann started studying at age 4, charting at age 9, amateur counseling at age 15, and went professional in her mid twenties after college. She became 0800-horoscope.com's very own resident astrologer in the year 2000.

Read her free weekly horoscope forecast below:


This week appears to be as indications are there is a real smorgasbord of activity for you to choose from and all of it accomplished and packed with affection and fun! You appear to get domestic demands, errands and all kinds of requests out of the way immediately the 19th and into the hours of the 20th, bringing yourself high levels of contentment and accomplishment. Once this is out of the way you will be free to enjoy shopping, upgrades in the domestic scene and finding those little items that please family members and bring you such joy when you see the raft of affection and appreciation that flows back your way. Excellent opportunities for inciting excitement in members 21st may set off a chain reaction of a planning session for upcoming holidays, vacations, spring or summer seasons and events within the family such as weddings, births or other exciting events and get everyone talking and planning along with you. Dinners out and invitations that include you may be part of that chain reaction and spill well into the 22nd and 25th. Demands on your time may escalate out-of-control the 23rd but a great deal of that may have to do with your career or job. Swing the pendulum back again on the 24th and find that family joy and unity and get the ball rolling again to pick that energy back up from the 21st and 22nd and start the party over.


Romance does well until we hit the 25th and then all bets are OFF. Keep opportunity open and be willing to 'adapt to change quickly' through the week until we hit the 24th and then switch to 'prevention mode'. Zip your lip about sex, discipline, retribution and money issues. HAVE no 'opinion' IF you are not married or life time/long time partners. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


You may be needed often and for some 'unusual chores/request' especially near the 22nd to 25th with serving at weddings, hosting parties and welcoming/roasting most likely needs. Some expense is likely to be attached to 'agreeing' and you may want to 'think' before committing. IF you must 'take a pass' do not do so 'publicly' or while more than just 'you and he/she' are present.


Being 'held responsible' or being the one 'credited with' are either/both possible near the 19/20th. Be sure you have done the job completely and 'seen to all the little details' including 'record keeping' and anything 'written' that memorializes your responsibilities. Travel is likely near the 20th to 22nd and IF you must finish or work on projects from the 19/20th 'via remote control' use EXTRA precautions and be sure you 'really trust' the people or methods used to finish. Praise and raise in stature [followed later by money] are likely near the 22/23rd 'if handled right'.


Good to improving

Overview for Aquarius

State of Mind: A bit overloaded and thereby 'vulnerable to mistakes' at times.
Karma Numbers: 7, 9, 11, 16, 30
Buzz Words: Insight, trust your gut and outright 'ESP'
Compatible Sign: Sagittarius

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Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning:

Your Astrologer This week's scenario is highlighted by your need for patience and understanding. Use these valuable virtues to get you through others' moods. Those around you may start the week with enthusiasm, then lose their way in the process. You can get others to do things for you if you use your charm. Dealing with "wishy-washy" people may test your patience. Try to keep your workload to a normal level, no more long hours. You need your rest, even if you see yourself as too tough to quit. Soothing music or easy reading can make you more comfortable. Use your imagination to get others to follow your lead. This can break down a barrier and can even lead to a new friendship. Children may not be as eager to listen unless you make your conversation interesting. LUCKY NUMBERS: 2, 4, 7, 20, 22, 30 Read more...

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