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Horoscope for March 22nd, 2019

You will have a lot of luck. You will be in a good mood, business will go well, love life will be fine, you will want to go out and see the world. You will finally realize your plans, after long and painstaking work, thanks to your patience, to your experience, which you have always known how to use, to your common sense and also because you have never lost sight of your objective.

You will be in fine form to complete all your professional tasks. This is a good time for all intellectual work. You will see everything through rose-tinted spectacles.

This transit will make you more sociable. You will be determined and energetic. Good time for love affairs: you will be in great form, and look handsome.

You will be attracted by an unusual person, whose charm will bewitch you. Your feelings will be controlled, no passion. Everything depends on the position of Saturn in the birth chart.

A period when you will take your responsibilities to heart: you will be devoted to duty, but this will be difficult to bear. You will feel good, the weight taken off your shoulders, light as air: you will have the feeling of owning the whole world, being free, being able to do whatever you want. Your loving feelings are wide awake.

Although you will lack reason and logic, on the contrary your psychic faculties (such as inspiration and clairvoyance) are likely to be highly tuned.

It will be a period when you will be very nervy. Not always pleasant surprises in store. You will quickly get annoyed, and easily provoked, you will become impatient very quickly.

Family life a little disturbed.

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