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June 14 - June 20, 2021


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Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope


Power people seem to be the ones to please on Monday the 14th as it is not a comfortable day but one in which you do not want conflict. Be a real team player.

Tuesday the 15th your day is much smoother although your morning can be demanding, it's your afternoon that seems to be extremely cooperative and profitable.

Wednesday the 16th is a fast day for you as you invest in the day with good outcomes.

Thursday the 17th harmony and cheerfulness seem to be woven through the fabric of the day even though it can be long and demanding for the lion's share of you.

Friday the 18th many of you may be involved in ventures with other people where you have to work together for a common goal. It doesn't matter who they are or how difficult or easy it is, as long as the outcome is up to expectations or beyond.

Saturday the 19th relax with friends and find enjoyment in the day as you need to blow off some steam and today is the perfect day to do it.

Sunday familial responsibilities may focus your day away from things you might like to do but honoring those in the family that have earned your love and respect are more important than your own desires. Put the extra effort into making the trip. Relaxing with friends is also possible today after you have fulfilled what is deep in your heart.


Romance does super well this week with lots of upgrades happening. Taurus pairs well with Scorpio and Cancer this week. These two signs will be pairing off for life if they click and ditching current longer status mates -- but only in situations where they are well fed up! Read the weekly partner horoscope...


New friends are also likely this week, especially those that come in through or during career connections, group discussions or any career or off time meeting, including hobbies, sports and support groups.


This can be a real banner week for the Bull with milestone events on every corner and the end of problematic situations they may have juggled for months and in some rare cases years, along with putting up with personalities, they can't abide! Many long term rewards are indicated, but Friday does show some need for great patience, particularly with power people who are acting foolish or wrong.


Getting ready to soar

Overview for Taurus

State of Mind:

Getting read to soar

Karma Numbers:

7, 19, 22, 46, 70

Buzz Words:

I'm making money!!!

Compatible Sign(s):

Cancer, Leo, Pisces, Scorpio

Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning

Your Astrologer This week's horoscope is highlighted by uncertainty in your career. You may want to bury your head in the sand. Your awareness of something that is not fair or just at your job could make you want to walk away from some career situations. Be sure you don't cut off your nose to spite your face. If some associates behave like traumatized children, treat them that way. Give people the attention they require. Then you're free to go on your way, unfettered and clear of resentments. You should have good luck selling or purchasing property. Remember to conduct negotiations only after you've made decisions about what you need and want. If you lead yourself down the garden path with hopes and dreams, you have only yourself to blame. Get the facts and learn how to use them to your benefit. Read more...

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