Weekly Horoscope for Capricorn

Capricorn Horoscopes

May 9, 2022 - May 15, 2022


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Day by Day Highlights

Monday the 9th, there are strong energies with a burning desire for travel, focus on the future and a tendency for you to look way down the road into your future with many aspects, ideas, plans and expectations. It's a very busy, active day with strong ESP and your insightfulness will garner you lots of attention and several wonderful outcomes to everything you put your hand to.

Tuesday the 10th, there are several questions that come your way and you may be grilled by clients or Mr. Big, as well as co-workers and even friends, who are looking for answers to their problems. Try to get your own agenda accomplished, but expect interruptions and distractions along the way.

Wednesday the 11th is a very accomplished day with busy and active opportunities coming your way left and right. Many of you make get invitations for parties, wedding plans or getaways.

Thursday the 12th, your nervous system is shredded and it would be wise for you to do step away from the excess and seek some enjoyment of some kind with family and friends as a pleasant distraction after a rather busy and demanding day.

Friday the 13th is an extremely fortuitous and insightful day for a hefty cross-section of you who may find serendipitous luck. Old friends or networking connections are resurfacing to lead you to profit and power.

Saturday the 14th, excitement levels go on the rise but it's best to make a plan for the day and then stick with it as best you can since distractions and interruptions are the norm.

Sunday the 15th, once again, you have tremendous new insights and opportunities coming your way and your ESP is super high.

Love Horoscope

Romance picks up speed so markedly that it is possible you move too fast from Tuesday to Friday and therefore could upset an apple cart or two, particularly if you are paired to Aries, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra or other Sea Goats. The number one complaint or complication? You got there first, acted first or beat them to the punch in some way and it ruined some kind of important plan or surprise they were cooking up for you. Single Capricorns may find many days are excellent for networking and dual-purpose activities: like attending a mixer for business and running smack into the love of your life! Read the weekly partner horoscope...

Friendship Forecast

Making new friends, having many reasons to get together, lending a helping hand even when your plate is full and having others volunteer you, even in your absence, is any/all likely this week. You know the old saying: some achieve greatness, some are born to it and others have it thrust upon them. Happy thrusting!

Career Highlights

Hot home-runs, big successes, hefty profits, once in a lifetime upgrades, landing huge clients, accounts or positions are also any or all likely for you this week. Some signs fear Friday the 13th's but not you! You may easily look upon them as an adventure in "So, what's going to happen to me this time?" with the cosmos, with whom you have a stellar relationship this week. Aries, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini and Taurus power people may favor you greatly and good news can arrive any day, but the one on Tuesday/Wednesday may be very telling in how your June into July will go. You will get to the next phase and could receive a raise in later August into later September. Any mention of that timeframe may be an omen of a good/promising event that is sure to come.


Very promising

Overview for Capricorn

State of Mind:

A bit fast but still dead on accurate.

Karma Numbers:

9's in everything, especially doubled and also when combined with 1, 4, 7, 11,

Buzz Words:


Compatible Sign(s):

Aries, Leo, Pisces, Cancer

Weekly Overview

This week's horoscope forecast is highlighted by a sense of changes in your personal and professional life. Do some investigation, because hidden information could have a strong impact on your work and your reputation. Research, poke around, ask tough questions, and you'll get the answers you need. Your creativity comes from a joyful openness, no need to force it. It will flow with strong feelings for justice. Recent events will give you the confidence to ask for the impossible. Communication and discussion are necessary to resolve negative feelings. Moves you make, this week, will lay the groundwork for your long term plans. Read more...

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