Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius

Aquarius Horoscopes

January 10, 2022 - January 16, 2022


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Day by Day Highlights

Monday the 10th, others around you appear to be having an excellent day but you may be called upon to be the dependable and reliable one as you service others as the family chief cook and bottle washer, taxi driver, babysitter and other forms of practical application and necessity. Your reward will come soon enough but someone has to be the rock upon which they all stand and the mortar upon which they all are held together. You do this job blindly and with great dedication, often without thanks.

Tuesday the 11th is a far better day with greater accomplishments and a little more free time for yourself as you plow through the day with your own agenda in hand.

Wednesday the 12th, you have great success getting what you wish from other people simply by asking and your requests are met. Approach Scorpio, Virgo, Cancer, Leo and Aries for best results. You also may benefit from some of the financial opportunities that are in the air today for other signs that are cashing in on them. There is a threat that you may have to deal with some kind of authority obstacle in the evening hours in your family, especially elders who may be Aries or Leo.

Thursday the 13th, indications are for a day that is far more cooperative than previous days may have been and accomplishments appear excellent as information falls in your ears that helps you guide through the day to avoid the pitfalls. Pick up on the hints and follow the proper threads.

Friday the 14th, romantic scruples can upset your harmony. Don't overthink something and drag it out of your psyche and beat the crap out of it. Just let it work itself out throughout the day as indications are it works itself out very well. Make no rash decisions.

Saturday the 15th is excellent for invitations, travel, visitors and other forms of exchanges and delightful entertainment.

Sunday the 16th may be about gatherings and family reunions exciting entertainment and especially music.

Love Horoscope

Romantic success is very impressive this week with a huge cross-section of Jug Totters, paired or single, doing very well with upgrades, quickly formed attachments and very smoothly running openers. Things may really heat up near Friday to Sunday, when singles are most likely to find long lasting candidates. Read the weekly partner horoscope...

Friendship Forecast

New friends are also indicated and while some may escalate later into lover, they easily start out this week as friend of a friend introductions. Paired Aquarius appear to add new pals also, only without the romantic potential and more likely same sex orientation buddies who end up loving all the same things you do; making for a wonderful companion over the coming years.

Career Highlights

Your career is really happening this week and advances, upgrades, landing big accounts, fat red feathers in your cap and gainful employment beyond what you were hoping for all appear likely. Many Aquarians will be landing dreamjobs or migrating over to positions far more comfy and profitable. A hike in prestige is also indicated!


Improving, nicely

Overview for Aquarius

State of Mind:

Improving nicely.

Karma Numbers:

0, 2, 3, 5, 7

Buzz Words:

Realistic gambles

Compatible Sign(s):

Weekly Overview

This week's horoscope forecast is highlighted by your ability to organize everyone around you. It may be hard for people to accept changes that they didn't request, but the verbal lashing you receive will make you feel jumpy and unprepared. Catch your breath, count to ten and try another tactic. Laugh at your own mistakes and learn from them, otherwise you'll always feel defeated. Love and romance will spark you to out do yourself. Make a definite plan of action and follow it through. Try not to worry more than you need to. The stress you feel will lessen as the week progresses. Your energy will be well used if you can focus it on organizing and renovating your living space. Read more...

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