Weekly Horoscope for Leo

Leo Horoscopes

March 8, 2010 - March 14, 2010


Private Life *

Money and Job *

Full Weekly Horoscope

Day by Day Highlights

Get as much done the 8th to 10th as you can since your stars show some down time, personal illness, family complications and 'strong need' arising near the 11th to 13th. You may have to 'step in' for some members. Solving problems appears easiest the 10th as you 'have their attention' the best. A short trip, several local errands or a mini family vacation or need for the family to 'gather,' may have you either entertaining travelers or traveling yourself the 14th.

Love Horoscope

Romance can do well this week for the Lion but may carry some rather 'heavy emotions' at times. Singles fair best the 9/10th and 14th all day. Meeting someone while either of you is traveling is also likely. Matches with Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, Aries, Taurus or Scorpio may encounter some lengthy discussions or 'momentary challenges' but appear to fix well by or before the 16th. Read the weekly partner horoscope...

Friendship Forecast

Friends appear to have several needs this week and it is also possible for them to have dropped a ball or 'forgotten' a promise. We all lead busy, demanding lives and it may behoove you to use a clever little 'reminder' of some kind that is subtle but effective. Be willing to 'scrap plans,' in favor of supporting a pal who is facing 'a challenge' of any kind.

Career Highlights

"He who hesitates if lost", so they SAY, but this week, implementing caution is a very WISE idea, especially if there is a risk factor to more than just 'money,' and/or it comes near the 8th or 11/12th. Rolling the dice with power people may backfire, as well. Bluffing is unwise this week and putting all your cards on the table when the time is right, may carry more clout/persuasion.


Draining at times and in need of daily monitoring

Overview for Leo

State of Mind:

Too easily distracted and poor if/when 'rushed' at ALL.

Karma Numbers:

4, 6, 10, 14, 46

Buzz Words:

Better safe than sorry.

Compatible Sign(s):

Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces, Aries

Weekly Overview

This week's scenario is highlighted by intuitive feelings about domestic & personal changes. Don't become angry with family or friends. Listen to friends, their advice may be valuable. You will have to gauge your activities wisely, or exhaustion will result. Travel will be tiring and uneventful. Home entertaining could provide you with stimulating ideas, however expect your new acquaintances to be a little pushy at first. Don't be drawn into a questionable plan, gossip will only result in making you look bad. Domestic purchases will be profitable, you should be looking into real estate buys or a residential move. Get into self-improvement projects that will take your mind off your troubles. Necessary changes in your home environment may not seem welcome, but they will be favorable in the long run. Read more...

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