Weekly Horoscope for Pisces

Pisces Horoscopes

March 8, 2010 - March 14, 2010


Private Life *

Money and Job *

Full Weekly Horoscope

Day by Day Highlights

Your patience and insight can really pay off big time the 8th, especially in saving time, effort and money where youth or elders are concerned. Your compassion is running on high gear and you appear to want to 'be everywhere' and do 'everything.' Get as much 'everything,' done as you can by or before the 13th since your stars show some personal down time, most likely emotional is possible. The distraction may be due to a 'big family event.'

Love Horoscope

Romance does well until we hit the 12/13th when misunderstandings can bring in the need for a long discussion. Another possibly explanation for what I see is that your focus is so strongly placed on career, family, yourself or friends and the events they relate to, that a love interest feels ignored or worse yet, 'threatened.' Ask questions and avoid biting into this one by defusing before hand or being sure to 'include them,' in some important way/task, even if you have to make UP a 'need.' Read the weekly partner horoscope...

Friendship Forecast

Unfortunately, friends too may slip into that problem area near the 12th to 14th where they feel left out, ignored or slighted in some way. Once you take steps to avoid that possibility, we have only the 'butt saving' you appear to do for a pal the 8th and the surprise near the 10th to 12th you have to be gracious about to deal with.

Career Highlights

Let's take this one 'day by day.' Problem solve the 8th, you excel at it, negotiate with power figures or elders the 9th, you absolutely ROCK at it, get all small tasks, details and written/calculated needs addressed the 10th, stay OUT from between 'two factors,' the 11th, especially if they are 'at odds,' with each other in any way and work any 'in tandem' deals or needs the 12th for best results. IF you must work the weekend, use 'compromise' the 13th and an early start and a quick finish the 14th.


Rather good and somewhat promising

Overview for Pisces

State of Mind:

Very rich in ESP and useful only if you follow it.

Karma Numbers:

3 and all forms of it, 9, 27, 55 and 144.

Buzz Words:

Find the 'usefulness' in each day, encounter or opportunity.

Compatible Sign(s):

Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius and other Fish.

Weekly Overview

This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to concentrate on your hobbies. Your strong vision of the way things are supposed to be, gives you confidence in yourself. You may meet potential mates through volunteer groups. Even though problems at work, are likely, try to go about your business and to avoid getting involved in gossip. You will enhance your reputation if you bend over backwards to help someone truly in need. Don't let others talk you into things that you really don't want to do. You will have a tendency to spend too much on children or entertainment. You may experience financial loss if you are careless with your wallet or your investments. Don't let your temper get out of hand. Someone may try to draw you into an argument. Use your compassionate manner to ease the tension and turn the situation around. You take the lead and stay there. You're quick to evaluate and to make your move. Don't let anyone take advantage of your generosity. Read more...

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