Weekly Horoscope for Leo

Leo Horoscopes

July 30 - August 5, 2012


Private Life *

Money and Job *

Weekly Horoscope

Family and Personal Life

Big spending, big decision and big changes are ALL indicated this week and many may be from two energies; adaptation and entertaining. Some Lions spend to 'nestle in' make a bad situation better while others may be 'putting on the Dog' for various reasons. Set your sights high for the 2nd but keep things both reasonable AND, ready with a 'plan B' especially if weddings, births, celebrations, gatherings or visitors are involved.

Love and Romance

Romance has so many 'hot spots' this week, your days look like dice! But don't roll them; bet on the sure thing, especially near the 'offerings' of the 31st, 2nd and later hours of the 3rd. Long talks may help you 'get to know' someone better, even if you have YEARS under your belt! Read the weekly partner horoscope...

Friendship and Social Life

A very 'down to earth, practical and possibly: not your type' personality may cross your path and work will be required to secure this person as a pal. The pay off may be very useful and rewarding as soon as the 9th to 18th or as far out as later Jan into early March '13. Celebrate joys of all kinds this week. IT IS, what life is made of!

Career Advancements

Community 'pressure' public opinion and 'groups at large' may dictate your week, starting with the 30th as the 'tone is set' possibly by public events that touch your circle in some way. Ripples carry far; some short term the 2nd and others out to the 20th. Another 'big opportunity' may make itself very clear near the 1st to 3rd and a scramble to 'secure it' may ensue; do what ever it TAKES!

Financial Outlook

About to explode with opportunity!

Overview for Leo

State of Mind:

Excited but cautious

Karma Numbers:

4, 6, 19, 27, 46

Buzz Words:

"I gotta get me some of that!"

Compatible Sign(s):

Aries, Taurus, Capricorn, Libra, Aquarius

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General Weekly Overview

This week's scenario is highlighted by changes even though you want your life could stay exactly the same. After all, that makes you feel safe and secure. Change doesn't have to be frightening, in fact, major changes taking place in your creative life, could awaken you to new talents and abilities. Remember that there is always another step to take and that things may not actually be as they seem. Don't resist these changes. You are developing new levels of consciousness, and these changes are part of that development. You'll enjoy work projects that relate to the communications field. Humanitarian concerns are important to you, it may be time for you to address the inhumanity in the world. What you have may be more valuable than you think. Feel good & so will everyone around you. Read more...

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