Weekly Horoscope for Libra

Libra Horoscopes

July 30 - August 5, 2012


Private Life *

Money and Job *

Weekly Horoscope

Family and Personal Life

You LOVE harmony, cheer and any reason to celebrate or gather and this week may provide you one after another; some expected and some 'taking you off guard' driving spending and effort through the roof! More joy, more reasons and more 'unexpected' company are likely for a hefty cross section of Scales. Make them feel comfortable, safe and supplied with 'the basics' and then let the 'reason for the joy' provide the 'filler'.

Love and Romance

Excellent upgrades, smashing opportunities, once in a lifetime candidates and other 'unbelievable' highlights are indicated for some Scales this week and IF you're lucky enough to get your fingers on one of THESE brass rings, ride for dear life! Leo, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius and other Scales make promising candidates. Read the weekly partner horoscope...

Friendship and Social Life

New friends are indicated and more reasons to gather and celebrate than 'hairs on a dog's back' fill your week, especially near the 30th 'quickly' and unexpected' the 31st when you need to project a real 'sincere' involvement/emotion and the 3rd when 'excitement levels' top out!

Career Advancements

Focus strongest on 'long distance' or foreign dealings the 30th and comb through for even the SMALLEST flaws. Be 'strictly professional' and project 'tradition' BIG time the 31st, right down to the pin-stripped, power suit/tie/skirt. Look them in the eyes and make sound bite comments that project inner confidence and let them 'hear what they NEED and WANT to hear' then worry about pulling it off another day/time.

Financial Outlook

CAN be very good

Overview for Libra

State of Mind:

Hard to focus on serious things; distractions from 'the joy/s in life'.

Karma Numbers:

4, 11, 19, 44, 49

Buzz Words:

I got it covered!

Compatible Sign(s):

Aquarius, Gemini

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General Weekly Overview

This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to collect additional income that is owed to you. Financial matters demand your careful attention. To avoid going down the garden path of unfulfilled dreams, take care of all practical matters. Keep your eye on your goals, but take precautions. Secure the situation with practical measures. Partnership projects could seem uncertain. If someone you depend on lets you down or acts in an unpredictable manner, you may need to discuss the situation more thoroughly. You could discover that the actions of others have little to do with you. Difficult situations could make carefully structured plans seem almost chaotic. You may find that it takes a major event to awaken others to their real potential. Read more...

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