Weekly Horoscope for Scorpio

Scorpio Horoscopes

November 22 - November 28, 2021


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Weekly Horoscope by Rita Ann


Monday the 22nd there's a great deal brought to you or expect it of you by several others, especially Capricorn, Aquarius and Cancer. You must get them right or there may be a domino effect in your life later in the week.

Tuesday the 23rd still more is expected of you and demands now may have even more pressure than they did yesterday -- some more personal than others. Your evening shows highly romantic and friendly vibes for relief from any unreasonable requests during the day.

Wednesday the 24th there are snags in plans that may derail your own personal desires and have you scrambling just a bit in the late morning hours but you seem to bring everything strongly back on track by early afternoon with a sound decision of some kind.

Thursday the 25th highly enjoyable energies are likely for the vast majority of you as you problem-solve for others. Stick with the game plan you made for the day and everything will work out just right.

Friday the 26th you show an emotional upheaval in the late morning hours and it could be a discussion that escalates out of control unless you take a strong position and handle things quickly. The day itself can be quite productive and indications are for a profitable and enjoyable day overall.

Saturday the 27th there are discussions in the morning and excellent exchanges and deals in the afternoon. Everyone seems quite cooperative.

Sunday the 28th you show popularity and great cooperation at gatherings and your romantic success is quite high as well. Some of you are a little nervous and jacked but that's a good thing.


Romantic love does very well this week with promising potential for both single and paired Stingers with opportunity on Tuesday/Wednesday and again on Sunday likely, especially for/in upgrades and heftier commitments, particularly if paired to signs like Taurus, Aries, Aquarius, Leo, Cancer, Pisces and other Stingers. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


New friends are indicated and are likely to form the basis for excellent networking potential in the immediate future, with as soon as Monday to Sunday, the first week of December or as far out as the end of December into January. A pal may be an emotional wreck from Wednesday to Friday and require some hand holding, possibly due to termination energy from either job or relationship loss. Use care!


Power people favor you openly and with strong/big energies and numbers, possibly entrusting you with impressive career calls or handing you plumb career "gems" you expected to go to another! This one may hit for those who get it, best near Wednesday/Thursday and late on Friday. Foreign and long distance deals made near Monday/Tuesday may stall for a time, but pull ahead and quickly early next week.


Very good!

Overview for Scorpio

State of Mind:

Dedicated to the core!

Karma Numbers:

0, 3, 7, 13, 23

Buzz Words:

On to the really big thing.

Compatible Sign(s):

Pisces, Taurus

Weekly Overview by Deborah

This week's horoscope forecast is highlighted by your interest in starting your own business. The tension will mount and the information you receive will be informative. Limitations are likely if you've been difficult to get along with, lately. By week's end, pleasurable activities should be on your dance card. Your relatives will be more helpful than you ever thought possible. Sit back and listen. The information you receive will be informative and eye-opening regarding your current situation. Talk to individuals who are already in that position. You can gain an inside look at the pitfalls of being your own boss. Talk to a good friend you can trust. You need to bounce ideas off someone who will give you an honest opinion. You need to make changes if you want to be happy. Don't be afraid to say no to someone you don't love anymore. Read more...

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