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Capricorn Horoscopes

November 22 - November 28, 2021


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Weekly Horoscope by Rita Ann


Monday the 22nd you can get through the day much easier if you express your repressed emotions and do so very tactfully and in small metered pieces especially with personalities like Aquarius, Cancer, Scorpio and other Capricorn. It's essential to remember this as you go through the day.

Tuesday the 23rd is a highly accomplished day and shows great profit if managed well and if planned ahead of time, it can be a really powerful day for you in planning and scheduling.

Wednesday the 24th your morning may hold some snags in your plans and you may have to redo things quickly on the spot to salvage the day. Once done an excellent decision near noon will help to make the day a success.

Thursday the 25th stick with your original game plan that you made in the morning and continued that throughout the day and you will have a happy, fulfilling and successful day as changing anything along the way will topple your day and ruin things for you.

Friday the 26th can be a relaxing and enjoyable day and quality "me time" is likely for the vast majority of you but the late morning hours show an emotional upheaval of some kind is possible for a thin cross-section of you. Clashes with signs like Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, other Capricorn and Cancer are typical candidates.

Saturday the 27th it's good for you to express your repressed emotions and air them out carefully throughout the day, especially in the early afternoon hours and you can have an enjoyable day where you can accomplish your special agenda of a quality "me time" day.

Sunday the 28th is it relaxing and enjoyable day where you can enjoy romance and great popularity at your freedom and will.


Romantic love does well but carries a real power punch of emotion this week and some Sea Goats may wake up mid-situation, especially Tuesday to Thursday, only to realize they may be in well over their head and totally unprepared for this subject matter, topic, time constraint or challenge. Decide where you want to draw the line unless you do not want to draw it -- then you may be in for the final settlement of your life! Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Invitations to gather at the last minute appear likely Monday to Wednesday, especially from Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer, Leo, Aries or Scorpio pals. Say YES! It's time for some fun this week and many Capricorns really need to blow off steam this week because of the full Moon last week.


Wise decisions are indicated near the afternoons of Monday, Wednesday and again Thursday, in what are likely to be unrelated, separate situations. Take your time, do your back ground checks, stall if/when in doubt at all and crunch any/the numbers, while factoring in both risk and personal investments before you nod or take a pass. Change is likely but some may be passed in under your nose by others with a hidden agenda. Be frosty and catch them before they pull the wool.


Improving but slowly.

Overview for Capricorn

State of Mind:

Disciplined; or needing to be.

Karma Numbers:

4, 14, 22, 34, 64, including 1934, and 1964.

Buzz Words:

Level off often.

Compatible Sign(s):

Cancer, Pisces

Weekly Overview by Deborah

This week's horoscope forecast is highlighted by your emotional attitude and the confusion it may cause to others around you. Go after your goals. You can make money if you produce services or goods that make domestic chores easier. Get together with friends and you will find out something about someone from your past. You'll be angry about financial matters that concern joint accounts or outrageous contributions. If your mate can't control their spending habits, limit credit card privileges. Be honest with yourself and your family. Don't take on too much or make promises to family members that you know you can't keep. Try not to be too harsh with your lover. Your motives may not be all that ethical. Get back to values and try to sort out your differences. Read more...

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