Aries Rising - Ascendant

Rising Sign Characteristics for Aries

Keywords: Overly generous, Mentally clever, Mechanical, Technological, Naive, Blunt

An Aries Ascendant indicates individuals with success-oriented personalities. They like to be the ones in charge and want to make definite impressions everywhere they go. They are dedicated to satisfying personal ambitions and can sometimes pursue their own ends with selfish disregard for the feelings of others. It doesn't necessarily mean they are always selfish but in their haste and enthusiasm to reach some goal or accomplish some purpose, it is easy for them to forget that others may be involved, or that what they are doing may have an adverse effect on others. A strong need for accomplishment, combined with the characteristic Aries courage they possess, urges them to go after things others might think are too dangerous, too foolish, or too much work.

Aries implies energy and enthusiasm. Once motivated, they seldom hesitate to act. Their enthusiasm can get out of hand and they tend to overestimate their own abilities or the influence they have. For the most part they maintain an informal approach to life, with easy, open mannerisms and an attitude of "take me as I am". They confront situations openly and with force, but may not necessarily be openly aggressive and, in fact, many are quiet, hard-working individuals who sublimate their energy inconspicuously in one or a variety of low-key activities. Those afflicted with the restlessness often characterized by Aries, can find it difficult (though not impossible) to develop a lengthy concentration span, neatness, or a high degree of organization.

Aries is ruled by the fiery red planet Mars, and as a celestial reminder of this association, many of them have reddish hair, ruddy complexions, or a distinctive birthmark on their heads or faces. Working for themselves makes life easier for their sometimes headstrong personalities, but they don't mind being one of the rank and file as long as they don't find the work objectionable and are treated fairly by supervisors. Though they can be easy-going about many things, attempts to force authority on them are likely to provoke strong resistance. Though often rash, their passions are sincere.

They are apt to have mechanical abilities or cleverness in one form or another. High fevers, eye strain, skin rashes, overwork, migraine headaches, and insect bites are their most likely physical complaints.

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