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Taurus Rising - Ascendant

Rising Sign Characteristics for Taurus

Keywords: Impatient, Tactile, Opportunistic, Wants beauty and value, Appreciates all the senses

A Taurus Ascendant indicates individuals with a strong stubborn streak in their natures. They are also likely to have sturdy physiques, and though their energy levels may not include outbursts of dynamic activity, they have tremendous physical stamina. They are tenacious in getting what they want, and it is often simply great patience that is responsible for their success. The slowness associated with Taurus implies a certain amount of procrastination, as well as difficulty breaking undesirable habits and behavioral patterns.

Taurus indicates materialistic, status-seeking tendencies. They may take pains to hide it, but they can nevertheless be unduly influenced by people more powerful or wealthier. They are both resourceful and highly pragmatic. Though their practicality is often self-serving, they can be remarkably adept at coming up with constructive suggestions that help others as well as themselves.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, planet of sensuality and beauty, and as a celestial reminder, many of them are endowed with physical attractiveness. Appreciative of good food and fine wines, they may be able to elude the battle of the bulge since many of them are also dedicated to physical fitness and keeping in shape. They enjoy looking attractive and fond of using cosmetics and other beauty aids. Rather than wearing styles solely because they happen to be the latest fashion, these individuals select clothes that are either personally flattering or extremely comfortable. They want physical comfort and love the feeling of soft, luxurious materials.

Despite their quiet natures, they enjoy social occasions and living in sociable environments. Negative potentials for Taurus Ascendant includes individuals who are overly shy, rude or even anti-social. It can mean those who are totally focused on their personal appearance and make desperate attempts to hang on to youth and beauty. It can also include those who are lazy and have little or no interest in their physical appearances or manner of dress.

Taurus Ascendant implies a belief that the finer things in life must include art and music, and many of these individuals have talent in one of these areas. They usually have pleasant or unusually resonant voices. Their necks and throats are physically vulnerable areas and to some extent they may experience earaches or infections.

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