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Scorpio Rising - Ascendant

Rising Sign Characteristics for Scorpio

Keywords: Observant, Direct, Reserved but friendly, Unafraid, Curious, Good cook

A Scorpio Ascendant indicates individuals who are likely to have strong physiques and tremendous physical stamina. They are often far more stubborn than they seem on the surface, and assiduously stick to their goals as long as they feel there is a chance they will be successful. It is difficult to convince them to change their minds once their decisions are made.

They are emotionally oriented, but their emotional vulnerability is apt to be hidden unless their natal sun or moon happens to be in Cancer or Pisces. They are are friendly and while some are rather quiet, many of them also have far more gregarious personalities and don't mind being in the spotlight. Rarely do these individuals possess the sinister or mysterious personalities that popular literature tends to associate with the sign of Scorpio. They are keen observers and shrewd speculators.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and, secondarily, by this sign's ancient ruler, the planet Mars. Both planetary influences may be seen in the personalities of these individuals. They are ambitious, energetic, and seek activities that are economically rewarding, as well as mentally or physically challenging. The jealousy associated with Mars and Pluto is minimal unless other factors in their individual personalities support such a trait. Many of them possess the cleverness and mechanical ability associated with Mars, as well as the innate resourcefulness associated with Pluto.

They are attracted to others with strong, magnetic personalities. They are oriented toward gathering resources of all kinds. For example, many of these individuals consciously or subconsciously tend to establish relationships with strong or powerful people in the belief such contacts may prove useful to them in some way. They can be quite secretive about personal affairs, a trait that often escapes the attention of most people they meet. They are often so accommodating and pleasant that, unless others make serious attempts to probe beneath their surface, their real personalities and activities stay hidden indefinitely.

They have remarkable recuperative powers that allow them to recover from physical, mental or economic adversities that would destroy many others. When properly focused, their energy is formidable and they quietly keep going long after everyone else runs out of steam. A Scorpio Ascendant indicates potential for afflictions to the head and face as well as illnesses affecting the reproductive organs.

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