Pisces Rising - Ascendant

Rising Sign Characteristics for Pisces

Keywords: Martyr complex, Smaller than average stature, Sentimental, Dancer

A Pisces Ascendant indicates individuals with flexible personalities, that is, they can easily hide their own traits and take on the characteristics of others. In spite of pleasant dispositions and willingness to adapt to changing circumstance and the demands of other people, they can be surprisingly strong and determined, but their strength of character is also determined by other important factors in their backgrounds.

They have highly emotional natures and are apt to have quiet, shy personalities. Their compassion can be overwhelming, as is their propensity to become victims of their own vulnerability. Almost before they realize it, or in some cases because they actually seek it, they become their own worst enemy. They are not above using subterfuge and game-playing rather than direct confrontation to get what they want. If however, they develop self-confidence, these less-than-honest emotional ploys are not apt to surface in their personalities or behavior patterns.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, planet of illusion and imagination, an indication that they are apt to have little understanding of how they appear to others. The influence of Neptune can also add an element of glamor or mystery to their appearances. They can for example, either photograph extremely well or their likeness on film may be extremely poor. In either case, photographs fail to capture their true appearance. Pisces is also ruled by this sign's ancient ruler Jupiter, planet of inspiration and drama. Neptune and Jupiter blend together producing the likelihood of those who are highly imaginative and view life the way they want it to be, rather than the way it really is. They are prone to feelings of abandonment and to feeling sorry for themselves, and are easily disillusioned.

Extremely sensitive individuals, they are apt to have artistic talent as well as psychic abilities. They may have a spiritual or philosophical bent, and great appreciation for education, even if their own has been limited. They love traveling, dancing, and sports. Though it is by no means universal with Pisces Rising, these individuals are apt to be less-than-average in physical stature with a tendency to retain fluids. Their addictive natures make them extremely vulnerable to becoming victims of habit-forming substances. Sensitivity to medicine and anesthesia, and problems with their feet are physical complaints they are most apt to experience.

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