Moon in Aries

Rising Sign Characteristics for Aries

Keywords: Impetuous, Gallant, Quick tempered, Independent, Self-centered

Those born with the moon in a Fire sign want to turn their feelings into physical experiences. They do not initially view their desires from the standpoint of practicality, emotional commitment, or as a lesson to be learned. Before anything else there has to be action, some form of instant physical gratification.

As lunar Fire sign personalities, those with moon in Aries go after what they want (or think they want) with passion and energy. They can soon lose interest in relationships with people who don't demonstrate the same passionate enthusiasm. Their adventurous spirit makes it difficult for them to settle down and accept the responsibilities and drudgery of daily routine. On a short-term basis they can become passionately involved with people and projects, but long-term commitments can make them feel trapped. Restless and impatient, they have quick, sometimes volatile, tempers. Fortunately, as quick as they are to get angry, they are just as quick to forget the incident that prompted it.

Aries moon personalities are dedicated to getting their own way, finding one means or another to accomplish their goals. They are meant to be the master of their own success or failure in life. Some of them relish this challenge, while others are all too willing to blame their mistakes on everyone else. Their easily aroused emotions can be dangerously misguided, especially when they act with undue haste, aggressiveness, or anger. Their dynamic self-assertiveness can make them resentful of all authority but their own, and aggressiveness can make it difficult for them to take direction or advice from others. They can become self-indulgent, overconfident and just plain foolhardy, or, they can turn into inspired leaders, and become tireless in their efforts to accomplish things in which they passionately believe. The spirit of their generosity can sometimes be overshadowed by careless disregard for the feelings of others.

Women with Aries moon can often be unflatteringly aggressive in romance and other situations that require a subtle approach. However, they are emotionally well-suited to meet and conquer many challenges that would destroy less hardy types. Men with Aries moon may expect too much and give too little in romance, but they are emotionally equipped with an enterprising spirit, and what is often a uniquely clever and original approach.

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