Moon in Taurus

Rising Sign Characteristics for Taurus

Keywords: Realistic, Stable, Uncompromising, Materialistic, Sensuous, Obstinate, Enduring

Except in the pursuit of pleasure (to which many of them can be quite dedicated) those born with the moon in an Earth sign are not emotionally spontaneous. They don't nonchalantly accept the responsibility of long-term relationships, or analyze emotional commitments merely as a mental exercise. They may hesitate to move at all unless they feel they are on solid ground, or there is some personal advantage to be gained by their emotional involvement.

As lunar Earth sign personalities, those with moon in Taurus require tangible proof of affection from those with whom they form relationships. Their strong physical appetites push them to gratify their desires whenever they have the opportunity, but never in an outwardly reckless manner that threatens their basic security. Material comforts and the advantages of wealth are important to them, and they can become overly concerned with social status. Though they enjoy having the stability of a solid home and family life, they are not necessarily homebodies. In fact, they tend to spend a lot of time and attention on social or economic pursuits instead of routine household or family chores.

Taurus moon personalities do not want to be rushed or forced into commitments. However, once they do make an emotional commitment to a project, idea, or relationship, they doggedly pursue and hang on to it. It's hard for them to accept when things go wrong, and it may take an even longer time for them to make the necessary adjustments to rectify the situation. Their calm and quiet temperament has a stabilizing influence on others, but it can also give them an aura of self-containment that makes them appear proud or unapproachable. Others who break promises or fail to keep their word to them must be prepared to endure the consequences. Moon in Taurus personalities have long memories. They may forgive but they rarely forget. Some of them remember personal insults and disappointments for years, wasting precious time bearing grudges that should have been long forgotten.

Women with Taurus moon are independent and self-reliant. Their nature is to spend lavishly in particular situations and be very miserly in others. There doesn't seem to be a middle ground in the matter. They are apt to gain materially through marriage. Men with Taurus moon are charming and diplomatic in social relationships and sensual partners in romantic encounters. Though they can be hedonistic, they are also unselfishly devoted to their children.

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