Moon in Capricorn

Rising Sign Characteristics for Capricorn

Keywords: Reserved, Grasping, Stable, Self-conscious, Stuctured, Unsympathetic

Except in the pursuit of pleasure (to which many of them can be quite dedicated) those born with the moon in an Earth sign are not emotionally spontaneous. They don't nonchalantly accept the responsibility of long-term relationships, or analyze emotional commitments merely as a mental exercise. They may hesitate to move at all unless they feel they are on solid ground, or there is some personal advantage to be gained by their emotional involvement.

As lunar Earth sign personalities, those with moon in Capricorn are of a practical nature. Though willing to fulfill responsibilities for a relationship, they are often unable or unwilling to understand what the other person actually wants or needs. Capricorn's influence on these lunar personalities is demonstrated by their tendency to worry, and their need for structure and formality. They find it hard to relate to those who do not share their opinions and values. Reluctant or unable to discuss their own problems, they are nevertheless quite willing to help with the problems of others. It is never very easy for them to express their deepest emotions, to feel relaxed and content inside themselves. Fear of rejection is strong. Anything vague or unspecified in a relationship, whether business or personal, makes them feel insecure. They must know where they stand. Everything must be proper and legal. When it comes to romance and marriage, it may take them longer to find someone they can love as well as trust.

Capricorn moon personalities are dedicated to getting their own way and accomplishing personal goals. Ambitious and strong-willed, their efforts are primarily directed to their own advancement, though they can be very effective in helping others to progress. They enjoy being in the spotlight which prompts many of them to seek a public or prominent position in their work or other activities. They have great respect for knowledge and are often quite intelligent themselves. Tendency to harbor anger and resentment instead of allowing themselves some type of emotional release, can cause physical maladies and depression.

Women with Capricorn moon are likely to be ambitious at the expense of their personal life. More interested in gaining material wealth and status, or overburdened with too many responsibilities, they can miss the joy and satisfaction of relationships. They are excellent administrators. Men with Capricorn moon have difficulty relating to women. Relationships with females may be too formal to allow warmth and closeness, or the bond they share may be so tight as to be emotionally crippling. Their complicated emotional nature must be handled with considerable patience and understanding.

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