Moon in Pisces

Rising Sign Characteristics for Pisces

Keywords: Spiritual, Artistic, Susceptible, Intuitive, Whimsical, Compassionate

Those born with the moon in a Water sign need to establish solid emotional commitments. Before considering the practicality of a situation, and before objectively examining the facts, they react emotionally. They are highly intuitive, though at times it is deceptively self-serving.

As lunar Water sign personalities, those with moon in Pisces are at the mercy of their sensitive nature. Wounded by insults, and beset with fear of rejection and other insecurities, they do not do well in relationships with those who are emotionally tough and independent. As a defense mechanism to protect their inner vulnerability, they may turn into bullies, out to get others before others get them. It is best for these individuals to adopt a religious or philosophical outlook that can provide them with an underlying strength that their temperament does not naturally possess.

Piscean moon personalities are romantic, idealistic, and creative. Quite a few lunar Pisceans are gifted writers, actors, and illustrators. In spite of their sensitive nature, they often have a strong outer personality. Remarkably imaginative and farsighted, the major flaw that prevents their projects from being successful is impracticality or else lack of clarity or both. Adept at sales and promotion, they are not always as responsible as they should be when it comes to how much actual substance there is in what they offer. Their excess emotions imply the almost certain potential for waging lifelong battles against overindulgence of every kind.

Women with Pisces moon are prone to developing anxiety complexes. They are also apt to be psychic with a gift for healing. Their emotional nature is well-suited for the comfort of a domestic life, though they may be unwilling or unable to efficiently manage the household. Men with Pisces moon are vulnerable to being victimized in their personal life, while at the same time, having great strength and wisdom to ably handle the affairs of others.

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