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Moon in Scorpio

Moon Sign Characteristics for Scorpio

Keywords: Brooding, Intense, Motivated, Dominating, Spiteful, Loyal, Creative, Suspicious

Those born with the moon in a Water sign need to establish solid emotional commitments. Before considering the practicality of a situation, and before objectively examining the facts, they react emotionally. They are highly intuitive, though at times, it is deceptively self-serving.

As lunar Water sign personalities, those with moon in Scorpio are primarily led by their emotions. If they are subjected to emotional manipulation or deprivation in childhood, they are not going to reveal their vulnerability by openly expressing their feelings or needs. If they are raised in a non-threatening environment, they will probably emerge as mild mannered, easy to get along with adults. There is no denying the potential for hedonism, possessiveness, jealousy, and revenge in these individuals but not all of them give in to such destructive energies. Those who do are likely to suffer accordingly, reaping their rewards in this life rather than the next.

Scorpio moon personalities do not want to be rushed or forced into making a commitment. Once they make an emotional commitment to a project, idea, or relationship, they tenaciously pursue and hang on to it. Their emotional nature is accompanied by strong will power and amazing ability to overcome adversity. Instinctive understanding of human motivation and behavior gives them an emotional advantage, a conscious or subconscious way to control themselves as well as others. The mistake many of them make is being so intent on controlling others, that they never learn to effectively control themselves. Their stubborn nature makes it difficult for others to convince them to change their opinions and behavior or to break undesirable habits.

Women with Scorpio moon are apt to be shrewd, and when they have high intelligence, it is likely to be brilliant. Their ambition is not so much a matter of wanting great wealth for its own sake as it is their desire to gain power. Men with Scorpio moon can be driven to distraction by situations that offer no solution, and by people who refuse to tell them anything. Their emotional nature is well suited to deal with economic, human, or natural resources.

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