Scorpio Horoscope

Week of 3rd August 2020 to 9th August 2020

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Deborah Browning (general)

Rita Ann Freeman (in-depth)

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to see past the immediate. You run the risk of overreaching. Know who is on the other end of a deal before making an inappropriate offer. Consult with your partner at each stage of the game. The compromise may not be perfection, but it's the next best thing. You'll be in an ideal position to give the world something that it truly needs. If you can benefit from the arrangement, so much the better. Moderation is healthy for you. Seek comfort instead of pushing at the outer edges. If you can't lower your expectations, at least extend your timeline to accomplish them at a more reasonable pace. Seduction implies that mutual consent has yet to be reached. This time, however, the volunteers are lined up and waiting.

Choose your astrologer:

Deborah Browning

Rita Ann Freeman

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