Leo Horoscope

Week of 3rd August 2020 to 9th August 2020

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Deborah Browning (general)

Rita Ann Freeman (in-depth)

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to solve a frustrating puzzle that has others very confused. Analyse the data and put your ideas in writing if you want them to be understood and supported. Explain your concepts in great detail. Do the best that you can with the resources you have at hand. You can contact people fearlessly and expect positive answers to your inquiries. Be confident that your support staff is right behind you. Greatness will come easily when you really deserve it. Partnership issues will all but vanish in a flood of mutual understanding to past misunderstandings. There will be a nourishing balance in your life. Take all you can while the good times last.

Choose your astrologer:

Deborah Browning

Rita Ann Freeman

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